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In this video we will see step by step how to mint your Avatar NFT on Trace Network. This is an educational video focused on Avatar creation tutorial.

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  1. Brijesh Singh Sisodia

    Love You Sandy Bhai.
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  2. I have watched this video two times,1st time i listened trace word 16times but after listening 2nd time it was 18(also get confirmed as most comments are 18). So my final answer is 18. Hoping best for me for this giveaway.
    And Sandeep sir you should continue on video of web3 and metaverse.

  3. Shreyash Pethani

    Trace was mentioned 18 times
    And intrested to see web 3 and metaverses video from you. Thank you so much for everything.❤️
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    Thank you 🙏

  4. Chandrakant Kewlekar

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  6. Stories By Sumu

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  9. The word trace has been repeated 18 times in video.
    your TA and crypto knowledge is top-notch.
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  10. Helo bhai
    Trace word. 18 times


  11. Good job bro
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  12. Total Trace count 18 times
    Thank you so Much For providing information regarding Metaverse
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    Thank you

  14. 18 Times Bhai

  15. I already have any Avtaar buddy now…Word Trace was mentioned for 18 times in this videos. And yes, I'll definitely like to see more content regarding Metaverse. USDT TRC-20 address:- 0x4287f07cbe6954f9f0decd91d0705c926d8d03a4

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  17. Thanks Sandeep bhai for the giveaway!!
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  18. Bedanta Sonowal

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    CPH great

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  19. Abhishek Chaurasia

    Hi Sir, you said "Trace 18 times" in the video. definitely, we would like to see more videos on Metaverse as we know it's the future and we are still early in it.

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  22. Muhammad Saddique

    Hi Sandeep Bhai Hope You are doing well. The Word Trace is used 18 times in video and yes please Make video a week or after 2 week special on Metaverse because I believe it's Future.
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  27. I minted my avatar Right away… Amazing……
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  28. Word `Trace’ was said 18 times in this video…Yes would like to see more videos on metaverse
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