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00:00 HAPPY TACO TUESDAY 00:37 crypto market cap + top gainer is #TRON?! 01:07 Ray Dalio owns BITCOIN 01:29 BTC chart …


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  1. I'm hoping cardano goes to 20 cents. I really want 500k cardano. I'm a long term hodler of cardano

  2. Wendy, wendy oh wendy oh, how I love the work that you do. You are so inspiring – blessings to you and your family. I really dig bosscats – and I hope you do too.

  3. So bullish on boss cat rocket club, this bear cycle is very welcome and allows true believers in the project to accumulate more during this time! The team are creating something truly amazing and I definitely want to be apart of it for the long term! Thank you #bcrc

  4. I don’t know what y’all think but there’s no life without BCRC.. this is where I live to die . Oh I bless the day I learnt about BCRC… Mind you if you’re not talking BCRC then you’re not talking CNFT. BCRC brought out the best in us and had proven to be trusted . Blue magic my god .. (May your days be long )

  5. Ayo! Wendy hope you join the BCRC fam good project to start with in the cardano nft space

  6. Hey wendy.. Heads up..Cornecopia could be huge for the ada Ecosystem!!! check it out.. Let us know what you think

  7. Keep giving me good news Wendy O. You can be my first interview when I make those duckets with all my buckets of crypto.

  8. Thank you Wendy for talking about the Boss Cat Rocket Club. I‘m in this project since day one and the Team around Blue Magic made this Magic Happen, the stick to their timeplan and surprise us every time with new great influencers, partnerships and utilities, absolutely a long term project. Hold 3 Boss Cats and retire in 10 years Baby 🚀🚀🚀

  9. Now Wendy if you are gonna be covering ADA, I need you to stand by it. Especially, during those panels you have with other people. I was disappointed the last time.

  10. You won't regret buying a boss cat! Best metaverse project on Cardano and the next sandbox no doubt!

    They have partnered up with Manny Pacquiao (low chance you don't know him but anyway he's a legend within boxing) and they also have a token coming out (passive income through their nfts) later this year.

    Beautiful Vox cat nfts are out and they will be be used in their metaverse. They also have rockets that will be used in a battle royal play to earn game! Much more is coming! Boss cat is just getting started. Look it up!

    Cardano nfts is the next big thing! It's just a matter of time before they're on opensea too.

  11. Good Info Wendy. I agree with you Cardano is truly the future of decentralized secure blockchain tech and the Boss Cat Rocket Club is Huge! BCRC is bringing together Eth metaverses like the SAND BOX and incorporating it with BOSS PLANET, big things happening

  12. Just missed you in our discord Wendy, hope you´ll drop in soon again & the coolest girl in crypto space becomes a member of our fam. Cats support cats you´ll find out soon enough!!! Big shout out to you Wendy! Bosscats love you.

  13. Thank you for introduce BCRC to the world through your video..let’s join our BCRC family..we welcome you to become 1 of our family..BCRC has strong community and great leader and investors in BCRC metaverse

  14. Happy taco tuesday.
    Its going to be really interesting to see paypals moves in the coming days. Their connection to Elon Musk is commitment enough to provide a stable platform; which theyve had. I feel, once the bad seeds are weeded out paypal will onboard more crypto functions. Like conversion from btc to usd or whatever standard forex. Time will tell

  15. I think they are in same boat as rest of us. they bought a tiny bit then got dumped on and now claiming crypto bad. 😂

  16. Great video Wendy O! The BCRC Boss Planet has so much going for it as a metaverse on Cardano! Let me count the ways…Explore! Create! The ultimate journey awaits. Trade and play in a virtual world designed and run by its users…Tokenization coming soon! I can’t wait to receive $BOSS for my cats when it drops. BLUE MAGIC has this project building things the right way so we can all thrive together! Ayooo!!

  17. Great Video, love Boss Cat Rocket Club and Boss Planet 🌍 only love for the boss fam ❤️‍🔥

  18. Great content as usual Wendy! Come join the BCRC gang as soon as possible!! Hands down BCRC is the best community out there!! And all that credit goes to none other than our lovely Blue Magic!! The guy's just Phenomenal!! The whole community awaits you!! Join us soon!! And let's go to the moon together!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  19. Thank you for spreading awareness to the amazing project that is BCRC. I’ve been in since mint and can firmly say this is a special team behind this one. The team is exceptional.

    Also has celebrity endorsement:

    Baron Davies, nba hall of famer
    Manny Pacquiao, boxing hall of famer
    Cypress hill, hip hop hall of famers

    All involved in this huge project. Check it out and come back next year and thank me ✌️😝🙏❤️

  20. Sheeesh THIS IS HUGE! Love the great information! Thank you for supporting us! BCRC IS A FAMILY!

  21. Do we have any BCRC in tha house? Planets are still super cheap atm imo. Vox Cat, OG serie, Rocket parts … so many to choose from. This project is about to rock cardano! Let's goooooo

  22. Wendy O!! Expect a ton of support from us Boss Cats!! So great to hear your coverage of BCRC and Boss Planet, it’s the real deal! Boss Moon was just announced also, December will be the first token drop for the full first year for BCRC asset holders!

  23. Cardano ban to dedicated review in like a week. 💰 🗣. Get that bag Wendy 💪

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