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IShowSpeed EXPOSED Promoting CRYPTO SCAM | MoistCr1tikal Reacts

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IShowSpeed EXPOSED Promoting CRYPTO SCAM | MoistCr1tikal Reacts


#penguinz0 #moistcr1tical

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  2. wtf is he talking about? Lmao everyone knows that’s not the real Ronaldo, that’s literally the joke.

  3. why can i not find this stream is it the max dif stream ??? or does charlie have another account ?

  4. Saying that the kids actually might mistake that guy for the real Ronaldo is such a reach, every kid knows exactly how Ronaldo looks and that's not actually him

  5. Crypto currency is not the future, its so scummy and shady its not a sensible choice for a serious investment, any influencer or wealth gurus that shills for crypto currency you better be highly suspicious with those kind of people

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