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IShowSpeed's Career Is Over… (Crypo Scam EXPOSED)

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IShowSpeed’s Career Is Over (Crypo Scam EXPOSED)

so IShowSpeed got exposed for promoting a crypto scam on his livestream, IShowSpeed claims its all real but to IShowSpeed’s viewers it’s obvious that its a massive scam, IShowSpeed i hope you’re better than this.
My Discord – Braso2124
My Twitter – @Braso03240252
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  1. i know i said that i won't upload today but HEY! i saw a comment telling me about the ishowspeed situation so i did. anyways SUBSCRIBE.

  2. The morons left among his fans will still back him because that's how these pricks steal a living, off the backs of gullible.

  3. Tbh speed was in their office where the stream was setup. So he had no other way than to listen to what they tell him to do. That's the only reason i think speed's not in on it.

  4. i Miss the Old Speed, He was Litteraly the man That Cures Depression But now He's kinda boring to Watch and Seeing him promoting this is Crazy.

  5. Guys I feel like it isn’t speeds fault. I feel like the people he’s with took advantage of him and his platform. Even tho he followed up with it, it shouldn’t be fully on him. But this is a lesson towards him not to trust things when it’s too good to be true. He did sell this one but I feel like if this happens again no one would back him up like I’m trying to.

  6. Hey braso,sorry for that hate coment on the popullarnmoss video,I dont want you to Milk him like you did with technoblade,good luck with your channel

  7. Ik I’m commenting a lot just got a lot to say but honestly if these guys lose money it would be a world dub

  8. Ishowspeed rlly went this far he should be canceld tbh and also if speed didn’t know that’s his fault to bc you should do research on the people instead of just saying yes but this is wrong

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