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Kingdom Karnage (KK) is a cross-platform virtual Trading Card Game available to play on PC and Android (Apple coming soon). All assets in the game can be withdrawn as tokenised FTs/NFTs and are infused with Enjin Cryptocurrency. KK is now fully on Enjin’s Jumpnet which means there are no gas costs at all.


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  1. This is really a great project and very potential. Your explain is very nice and helpful. Thanks for sharing

  2. Well I think this is very very brilliant ideas and project, thanks for making this gergous video dude.

  3. Why am I so sure that it will bring me income? For often, you buy something for the game and that's it, this is where it ends 😢

  4. Being able to predict the future price movement, this has helped greatly in making investment decisions with service crypto offers different people around the world. Plan your trade and trade your plan…

  5. I have taken all your advices, and start jumped out my comfort on Crypto trading! Thanks again! What do you think about Stacks Halving? This is an interesting moment? Will you think the price will go up so quickly?

  6. Big investors will be moving in so get in before it takes off! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  7. If I wanted to invest 10k how should I spread it around ? Help wanted! Thanks

  8. I hope to raise some money, because in theory the investments are small

  9. Kingdom Karnage is a digital trading card game that fully embraces the power of the digital format.

  10. I liked the idea of ​​a race for a prize in the tournament, I love that😻

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