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  1. Please unblock me medam.. when i was problem.i will say you medam
    You are my god

  2. I do think the tip jar analogy is a good one, but I worry too many people will be a fooled.

  3. any thoughts or info on whether tangible objects (e.g. apparel, physical art, etc.) will rise or fall in value in response to so much attention on digital assets?

  4. JustJust in time – I was having a conversation about this few days ago with my bandmate!

  5. I was already thinking of giving it a shot, I am really curious to see how artists will adapt this in some time.

  6. buy, sell and spend crypto, and until there are tons of vendors accepting nft payments and not selling using USD.

  7. Buying a NFT (token) with the expectation that the value goes up over time would make it a security token, no?

  8. the emergence of new block chain networks and lack of utility will reduce exclusivity and prices.

  9. you absolutely don't want to be the last moron holding on to a worthless piece of carp lol

  10. You can use blockchain for the music contract set up in the smart contract royalty can be set up to be split and sent to each account.

  11. Question. Living in a city like San Francisco where people will jump to this, how can one approach people on a street level in an engaging way?

  12. But if you experience a power outage then you're investment becomes a paperweight. Or worse, just an idea.

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