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Metagene – incubator & launchpad | Private Sale is going now | Top 5 metaverse crypto projects

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  1. Up-to-date information is now at a premium! Thank you for the useful content!

  2. Metagene is Top! It's nice to watch and listen to you, everything is clear!

  3. Thanks for the review, the project looks very trustworthy and promising. I will go study it on my own and will think over whether I should invest in it myself. Looking forward to your new reviews!

  4. Launchpads usually do not go into the red, that’s their huge advantage

  5. Thanks for the review, it looks interesting, although I haven't heard anything about launchpads for a long time

  6. Let's hope that by the time of the listing, the bitcoin will go up. I bought the Hybrid type from the very beginning

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