Metaverse Crypto Decentraland Gameplay What Is Decentraland

Metaverse Crypto | Decentraland Gameplay | What Is Decentraland

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Metaverse Crypto | Decentraland Gameplay | What Is Decentraland

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Welcome to Our Decentraland Gameplay Video!

What is Decentraland?
Decentraland brings forward a decentralized virtual reality (VR) platform that’s built on top and powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within it, users are able to create, experience, and monetize experiences, applications, and content.

In essence, it’s a virtual reality where the 3D land is permanently owned by the community, which provides members with absolute control over their creations. You can log in, create an avatar, and start exploring, buying land, and building all sorts of builds ranging from playgrounds to virtual cinemas and galleries.

Those who own land can control the content published to their portion of the land and these contents can range from interactive systems such as games to static 3D scenes such as paintings, for instance.

One thing that makes Decentraland different compared to other popular blockchain-based games is the fact that it’s not controlled by a centralized organization. Instead, there’s a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that governs the policies created to determine how the Decentraland world would behave.

The Decentraland DAO
The Decentraland DAO was created to turn the game into the first truly and fully decentralized virtual world and it has been a part of the original vision of the game’s developers.

The DAO owns the most important smart contracts, as well as the assets that make up Decentraland – the LAND Contract, the wearables, the content servers, the Estates Contract, and the marketplace.

This DAO also owns a lot of the game’s native MANA tokens, which allows it to be autonomous while also enabling it to subsidize different operations and initiatives.

Those who participate in the DAO (read all LAND and MANA holders) can schedule votes to decide on different issues such as:

Addition and replacement of content servers
Upgrading LAND to add more features
Specifics and dates of LAND auctions
Primary sale fees
Addition of new wearables and so forth

The Team Behind Decentraland
Decentraland was conceptualized in a detailed whitepaper written by Esteban Ordano, Ariel Meilich, Yemel Jardi, and Manuel Araoz. It’s also worth noting that they got some help from notable experts such as Michael Bosworth from Google, Jon Choi from Dropbox, Jake Brukham from CoinFund, and so forth.

The team’s vision became a reality on February 20th, 2020 (20.02.2020), when Decentraland went live to the public. The launch included the establishment of the Decentraland DAO, as well as the full decentralization of the world’s infrastructure and the public access to what it had to offer.

It was an important moment in Decentraland’s development roadmap because, after it, no single entity was ever able to single-handedly modify the rules of its code stack.


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