Metaverse Land NFTs To Buy Update

Metaverse Land NFTs To Buy | Update

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On this episode, we’re taking a look at several metaverse digital land NFTs to keep an eye on and potentially purchase while you can.

00:00 intro
00:59 Top Metaverse LAND
01:43 BYOPills Land
07:19 NFT Worlds
11:27 Mavia Land
16:20 Metroverse
19:02 DROPP Land
23:53 Ember Sword Land
27:40 Big Time Space
31:25 Illuvium: Zero Land
34:41 outro

Guest: Mirko Dölger – CEO & Founder, Unix Gaming
Unix Gaming website ➜

#Metaverse #NFT #Crypto
~Metaverse Land NFTs To Buy | Update~
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  1. Aldrin Tabernero

    Very informative video! 👍🏻 Although I've been seeing these projects more often. You should also look into some underrated projects like starlight nft or the matrix world. These projects definitely needs hyping up.

  2. The Persi Traveler

    Don't sleep on Velhalla.

  3. ArcadeLand will flip half of these

  4. 💊 👁

  5. Supremacy (SUPS) will pump hard soon.

  6. Metro Verse NFT project is amazing!! By far my favorite NFT play to earn strategy game!!

  7. Yo should look into MegaCryptoPolis

  8. What about SHIB the Metaverse. Lands going on sale in next week. People already staking for early entry to land sales.

  9. Byopills 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Zilliqa 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  11. How come u never research or talk about Cardano NFT project such as boss cat rocket club….u should research and bring awareness to your audience and community 😀

  12. Why are people paying millions to buy fake land.?

  13. Don’t sleep on antebellum!! 🙂

  14. Big times pre-alpha looks nuts. Pre-alpha usually look like crap. Very promising

  15. NFTW was basically free mint. You only have to pay for gas… NFT's shouldnt have to be expensive

  16. What about Wilder World?

  17. Thoughts on Star Atlas?

  18. Eduardo Katalbas

    No mention of ZIL? It pumped more than 60% today!

  19. michael saganay

    Thank you for the opportunity to give scholar nft game
    Unix no.1

  20. There's a gold from a beggar!

    have a look at VulcanForged as a Leading Metaverse and the Future King of P2E games!
    This is the real dea!

  21. MStation game will be listed on March 30, guys, it's quite good for you to play long distance, the token burn mechanism is also quite a lot. The first game of BSC should be quite large investment. Consider it, game fans

  22. Any reason you guys have not looked at CyrptoVerse project yet from ChainGuardians

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  24. Kenny Mack Fella

    Thnx Paul, always great content! Im a crypto holder, but haven’t gotten into P2E games yet. Ur channel very helpful on the learning curve. Keep inspiring!!!🔥💰🚀

  25. Bert Vanlerberghe

    TCG WORLD !!!!!! 👌

  26. jeaniet serrano

    This is really awesome were always thank you for this consistent update that you're giving us.we are very excited for this new nft.thank you so much sir mirko ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Tcg 2.0 all the way baby ❤️🔥🔥

  28. Angelita Baterna

    Thank you so much Sir Mirko
    You make all the gamers happy always and you work so hard for us to play and earn
    You have a good heart

  29. Anthony Dominguez

    TCG world🔥❤️ Droo land is wonderful looking forward to it. Thanks for the informations about it. It will be hoping to play another NFT and offer to scholars 🦄🎉

  30. You should check NXTT – META-WORLD 😉

  31. Thank you so much Sir Mirko 💜

  32. Aielyn Espinosa

    This event is a great opportunity too to gain recognition of possible investors.

  33. More successful project to come sir Mirko💜

  34. Sheila May Demelino

    Thank you for the very informative update 💗

  35. What's up with all the weird comments thanking and blessing "Sir Mirko" in bad english? Seems pretty scammy. Always good info from PB and team.

    Guilds are not your friend people, you can invest in them as a "can't beat em, join em play", but they will NEVER give you alpha. All info they give out is because they already have a position. Crypto subcontractors

  36. Delima, Roschelle Mae

    First of all I just wanna say that I am proud to be part of Unix with a very productive and hard-working CEO Sir Mirko Basil. He always makes sure that our community is always updated with a lot of opportunities, new NFT games and such. Thank you Sir Mirko! Looking forward to the success of Unix guild. 🔥

  37. Angie Manaog_Isidro

    I love unix and i will always say thank you to sir Mirko for giving more opportunities to me and to my unix family of course….

  38. Thanks for always updating us about nft!

  39. Thank You Sir Mirko For another updates regarding awesome NFTs. Personally I learn a lot. I can say that I'm proud that I find UniX ❤️

  40. Maria Lou Gantuangco

    Thank you boss mirko for.your effort

  41. Timothy Bustamante

    Great work

  42. Mark bryan Razonado

    Thank you sir for always giving us update

  43. How can you miss axie land, dfk land, sandbox and decentraland? The best assets are missing.