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This video covers the timelapse of metaverse technologies from 2030 to 3000+. Watch this next video about the timelapse of virtual reality:
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💡 On this channel, I explain the following concepts:
• Future and emerging technologies
• Future and emerging trends related to technology
• The connection between Science Fiction concepts and reality



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This video covers the timelapse of metaverse technologies from 2030 to 3000+. Other related terms: metaverse, future technology future technologies, future business tech, future business technology, future of metaverse, brain computer interface , virtual reality, the metaverse, conscious ai, etc.



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  1. Some of these things they already have now… I see a lot of these things coming sooner rather than later .. but nice vid

  2. SORRY but THIS economy and THIS world society? Nah its not innovating shit. VR chat is as good as your gonna get unless you actually wanna innovate and have private property and get rid of taxes and world governments

  3. Are we not already in such a so called simulation ? The Universe is in fact such an experience. We only need to sleep and to dream to experience the actual-reality that we ignore when we "wake up" to this so called material-reality. What is real ? What test can we apply to determine what is real or not so real ? We are told as children to pinch one self to see if something is real or whether it is just a dream.

  4. What if this video is actually showing the case of what we are living in now? As hibernating passengers on a starship we are actually just presuming this to be real?

  5. in 2050 dudes gonna be sleeping with dudes Role playing girls still, nothing new there.
    just another way to make the world gay and depopulate

    looking forward to the Butlerian Jihad

  6. Living forever sounds very cool, but at the same time very debatable to everyone.

    You won't stop asking yourself for years if you want to do that or just live your life.

  7. Brilliant video. I hope you do timelapse videos for the following topics in the near future:

    Artificial intelligence
    Quantum computing
    Space exploration

  8. It’s already here but not 100% they just haven’t released it out to the public

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