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Metaverse Tokens Exploding | Facebook Meta Continues To Plummet

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After reporting massive metaverse losses Facebook Meta stock continues to plummet. Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, saw the largest single-day slide in market value for a United States company ever with a 26% fall in share prices. Meanwhile, on the blockchain, metaverse projects and tokens are exploding. On this episode, we’re taking a look at which ones have been on a massive rally and which metaverse tokens might be currently still underrated.

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~Metaverse Tokens Exploding | Facebook Meta Continues To Plummet~
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  1. You might wanna keep a look at UMW metaverse project and DT Socialise holding

  2. NFT Worlds lifted the Minecraft world into the Ethereum blockchain. all those Minecraft skills are kicking in now in world gamifcations, NFT assets, staking, leasing the NFT Worlds, building rooms, boats, castles, etc.

  3. Great Metaverse projects.
    Seriously Shiba lnu going into Metaverse buying land and Burning tokens left and right and Centre Shib lnu is going to be a beast of a Project the Community growing Massive it has everything!

  4. Decentralisation is the definition of a metaverse. If it is not decentralised it's just another playstation network.

  5. Facebooks Meta is moving into a new 66-story building on 6th street in Austin Texas, Can’t be any more blunt then 666, Also a woman was gang-raped in Facebook's metaverse

  6. Mark Zuckerberg is a communist sympathizer. Anybody who loves this country should sell their Facebook stock now. The man is a traitor to America.

  7. Love watching this show foreal lots of factual well put together news haha on cryptoverse haha

  8. Clearly missing out on WRLD – this might be one of the remaining gems that is currently kick starting and will at least get in ranges of SAND or MANA

  9. GTA= grand theft auto. I believe he was asking if the video game gta wcould make its way to metaverse!

  10. Do not worry for Facebook. The deep state will prop them up. Cops used to interview your family and neighbors to learn about you and who your friends are. Now one click.

  11. Or maybe Facebook/meta will be open it made no sense for them to be open with Facebook but they are not stupid

  12. I feel that the blockchain games that are available on mobile will destroy the rest of the competition in 2022, I think it will be become essential to a projects success. PC and desktop are becoming old technology.

  13. Thanks Paul and your team for sharing your research to us. This content is so valuable. Thanks for your hardwork.

  14. love your show. being techie is easy but you were able to present any topic enjoyable, casual and easy to watch, no matter how deep the discussion. kudos to you and your team. this channel deserve millions of subscribers

  15. what the hell he put VRA without mention about VRA?? LOL Paul Baron just like to use clickbait

  16. Let's see if the "Holy Trinity" can maintain their foothold once Zilliqa's Metapolis rolls out this Q1.

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