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Metaverse Tokens To Buy vs. $META Stock | News Roundup w/ @Hustlepedia

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On this episode, we’re rounding up the latest news in Metaverse & NFT Gaming. Apple is under fire for their standard 30% transaction fees for all transactions, a mechanism that many NFT firms argue is unreasonable and simply not feasible for their existence in the store. We’re also taking a look at our favorite Metaverse Tokens to watch while breaking down sentiment data. Meanwhile, Meta (Quest VR) has been making some groundbreaking tech leaps in VR with a major showcase due at Meta Connect in October, which may fuel a massive metaverse rally again.

Guest: Jonny
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00:00 intro
00:30 Gala Games sponsor
01:02 Hustlepedia
02:03 Apple 30% NFT Fees
09:25 Zilliqa Game Console
14:24 NFTs To Watch
22:36 Meta VR Full Body Tracking
26:54 NFL VR
28:58 Meta October
30:00 Polygon MATIC
32:00 Andrew’s Basic Portfolio
33:36 Render Token RNDR
35:51 Sandbox SAND
39:40 Axie Infinity AXS
41:26 Jonny’s Top Token Pick
44:13 Veve OMI Token
46:32 Audience Poll
48:09 Q&A
55:55 outro

#Metaverse #nft #crypto
~Metaverse Tokens To Buy vs. $META Stock | News Roundup w/ @Hustlepedia ~
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  1. Golem is exactly the same thing as Render btw …Of course we listen only to Ran 😕😕

  2. META has already become a part of almost every good portfolio. I hold MATIC on bfx since March, and it made a very good impression on me. I think we can earn a lot on meta cryptos in a while

  3. Paul and Johnny, What is your favorite Metaverse or which one do you use the most? What about the rest of you?

  4. What? Paul – you still shilling Metaverse tokens. Are you still rugging people with these crap coins? Unbelievable. Have you not learnt your lesson OR are you being paid so much that you have lost any integrity you may have had. Sad man.

  5. Disappointed that Paul Barron says zilika is not great after having them on the show so many times. And speaking so much about them So be careful with what he says and influences.will keep watching how often he dose this mistake. Didn’t expect this from Paul Barron

  6. Cornucopias being built on Unreal Engine 5 and has tested a phone mini game on Apple and Android. Is built already to be adopted on all major gaming platforms.

  7. Will the $GALA token benefit from Gala Music and/or Gala Film… or be left behind with those new Gala Projects getting their own individual tokens?

  8. Sounds to me like this VLOG should have been sponsored by Vulcan Forged… and not Gala Games…, just say'in

  9. 31:45 – I read up on DRAGONCHAIN and they are a blockchain that is incredibly advanced with three US Patents and already fully functional. I wouldn't mind seeing a review of it.

  10. Gala is a good one, I am already all in on it and DERC inclusive. I have been buying them on MEXC, my plan is to have at least $10k of each bag before the end of the year😊

  11. Your children will get to experience distopia–total technocratic control. There is little joy in the future if we do not rein in the technocrats. VR is a sorry escape from the coming dismal reality.

  12. Watching iphone & Apple maximalist flip to talking about how important decentralization & fair market competition are inside of a few minutes feels really weird and ironic. Just sayin' . Sus

  13. Jonny is probably my favorite "influencer" in the space. Humble, but knows his shit. He continuously impresses me with his knowledge which seems to keep growing so fast! Would love to see more content like this from PBN, my favorite kind by far.

  14. No that’s not true about if meta fails the meta verse fails. Because meta didn’t start the metaverse. It’s so many cryptos in the meta verse.

  15. After zilliqa console (Zil-sole) comes the metaverse glasses &or goggles? Fool me 3 times? Don't break my heart my achy-breaky heart, zilliqa ! Hire me will work for Zil.

  16. I have been collecting lots of Gala and Zilliqa until I reach at least minimum 30K coins per bag.

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