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We’re going to introduce you to MOBOX. What is MOBOX? Simply put, it’s the next generation of the metaverse and Crypto gaming projects. Completely free-to-play. but with a strong focus on play-to-earn. The perfect combination of finance and video games!


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This video was created for entertainment purposes only! This is not financial advice.
The projects talked about on this channel is our own personal opinion at the time of making this video. Any Crypto, Metaverse, Play to earn and NFT assets have high risks.


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  1. hi just an update, some infos are old as keys are no longer used in mobox.
    and there are only bnb-mobox pool now

  2. I'm playing the game "Defi Warrior" and it's good and can go a long way, and I am investing in the metaverse. Hope you review <3

  3. thanks for the video buddy. what about the p2e Farcana project? I recently saw it, there is some kind of royal battle there … I would like to see a review on it, this project interested me very much 🙃

  4. My life has totally changed since I started an investment of $6,000 and now earning over $ 57,000

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  6. Thankyou Very Much Hackerzong for taking so much affort to grow us and a genuine Crypto Technical Teacher without tag of a advisor And Thankyou for Motivating many depressed minds. ❤️ 🙏

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