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My Issue With the Top 3 Metaverse Land NFTs Investors Are Buying

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  1. I completely disagree with you. The meta verse is a open world digital realm that allows users to shape the world play in it and live in it. Your expectations are way too high and VR is still improving. I do believe the companies with backing /money will be able to connect VR with the meta verses but we will not be able to reach rpo expectations. Something like rpo will take decades. Currently the ones leading with the high end tech is yugalabs, sandbox and decentraland. They may all partner together to connect meta verses or one will remain standing. I have high hopes for the sandbox and yugalabs due to their funding and strategies. Sandbox has a long way to go but I do believe otherside will have a better gaming experience.

  2. My favorit is Otherside, but as you mentioned, I also believe, that it will take at least 5 years to see the huge benefit.

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