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Think of the ideal number of apps and extensions you need to get into the metaverse. Start your thought process from the apps and browser extensions you need to move your tokens across the different popular metaverse and gaming apps.

We have not talked about minting NFTs, storing them, transferring ownership in the metaverse, playing and working. It gets wild really fast. By the time we are done with fully utilizing the power of the Metaverse, we will be in the region of over twenty applications. Your device can get filled up with too many apps fast.

Not so portable, right? So, what if I told you all of that could be done with just a single app! You can make the most of the metaverse with the metapro app. Move assets around using the dedicated metapro app with non-custodial wallet functions within the ecosystem., the first system that gives you the key that integrates DeFi, metaFi and the Metaverse, allows you to mint NFTs, work and play simultaneously in the metaverse. changes the Metaverse game allowing developers, creators and end-users to get into the metaverse and make the best of the multifaceted environment for enterprise and personal use cases.
It is the metaverse in your pocket – Sizable, yet usable; nothing stops you from accessing the metaverse now.


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We understand that this video is not a tapping work, 🤔 it is a weather balloon launched to test your reactions. The concept of communication of such a complex service as is just taking shape, so we would like to invite You* to a discussion and ask for help in two matters:

1. What did you understand from the movie?
2. What elements would you change to reflect the meaning of the project?

ONE – decentralized databases nodes for all metaverse, e-sport, games, game-Fi projects
ONE – metapro app for storing metaverse assets, fungible and non-fungible tokens
ONE – metapro app for Metadata & Finance – MetaFi
ONE – in app non – custodial wallet for all assets (IOS, ANDROID, OCULUS QUEST2)
ONE – NFT marketplace maker for all projects – personalized by projects, owned by projects
ONE – protocol for all, secured by smart contract
ONE – automated market maker for all, projects, artists and developers

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See also more info on the project:

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