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Otherdeed for Otherside is a 200K NFT metaverse land collection by Bored Ape Yacht Club founder Yuga Labs and gaming venture fund Animoca Brands. Otherdeeds are the plots of land that will be used in Otherside – a gamified, interoperable metaverse currently under development. Otherside is a MetaRPG, blending mechanics from massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and web3-enabled virtual worlds. Players will own the world, their NFTs can become characters, and thousands can play together in real-time.

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0:00-0:07 – Token Metrics Intro
0:07-0:20 – Crypto Deep Dive Intro
0:20-1:12 – Otherdeed for Otherside
1:12-1:22 – Otherdeed rewards contributors
1:22-1:47 – Otherside gameplay
1:47-2:04 – Sediment
2:04-2:16 – Environment
2:16-2:25 – Categories
2:25-2:38 – Renewable resources
2:38-2:44 – Land bar
2:44-3:03 – Kodas
3:03-3:23 – Mega Kodas
3:23-4:01 – Artifacts
4:01-4:34 – Location
4:34-4:51 – Dynamic NFTs
4:51-5:24 – Software Development Kit
5:24-6:00 – Improbable gameplay of Otherside
6:00-6:17 – Yugalabs and Animoca Brands
6:17-6:35 – Greg Solano
6:35-6:42 – Wylie Aronow
6:42-6:50 – Emperor Tomato Ketchup & Sass
6:50-7:14 – Yugalabs NFT creations & valuation
7:14-7:29 – Venture Capitalist investors
7:29-7:51 – Animoca Brands Info
7:51-8:08 – Bottom line conclusion
8:08-8:23 – Otherside gameplay
8:23-8:31 – Decentraland & Sandbox
8:31-9:03 – What separates Otherside from other Metaverses
9:03-10:12 – Assessing the best land to purchase
10:12-10:27 – Yugalabs fundraising
10:27-10:40 – Benefits of holding an Otherdeed
10:40-11:17 – Otherdeed Wrap-Up
11:17-11:42 – Token Metrics Outro

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