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  1. Wasn’t this the same guy who uploaded a video of him attempting to threaten someone and ask ppl for a guys address.

  2. “5K to the person that brings this guy and bring them to me. I want to see this troll in real life, where he’s from and send his mums address.”

    – Amio Talio… what a wanker.

  3. Man puts a bounty on Tiktoker's head, uses Speed's audience to broaden out his stupid scam and is caught on camera comitting multiple crimes and he's still a GOAT?

    Seems a bit sus

  4. Why have you deleted your insta and put tiktok on private lol. Also your car rental accounts are overdue and the company is about to be struck off & 1M in debt too lol !!!!

  5. L scam.
    This dude is an utter loser.
    Keeps saying how he doesn't care and then freaks out and makes threats while utterly destroying his own brand.

  6. Dude makes threats to literally permanently physically disfigure people then cries poor me. He's a plastic gangster with anger issues who's going to be in court real soon over threats and scams. GOAT of what? Being a bad criminal?

  7. Not even a month old account on youtube defending a crypto scammer? Couldnt be! Let me guess. You dumped your money into their project and now you cant back out so the only otheer option is to act as if everyone are the crazy ones? Sit down mate. Take a deep breath. And look at them in the eyes. They are nothing but a band of scammers, who are now coming up with crazy stories as to why they are threatening content creators who are speaking against them. But the funniest thing is that the blackamiling guy he showed is not even the one he originaly threatened.

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