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  1. you read the chart wrong. you read it as thought the amount of wallets was the amount of tokens. you need 50k+ to be 1%. not 40k

  2. I am a princess princess and live in an upside down egg.. David Schwartz has some strange tweets..PRICE22.. if it goes to 22 I'll fire my boss twice..

  3. James 90% of wallet owners have up to 2000 xrp meaning at $11.11 they would have a Maximum of $22,000 not enough to be dori g the boss I think. Majority are 20 to 2000 xrp in that stat. Just a thought. You do a great job.

  4. I'm Canadian also German. I can open German account easy . All my sht on .mY nano

  5. For clarification from Germany: 🇩🇪
    The german Sparkassen-Bank is currently considering offering crypto wallets to some customers.. It is unclear how exactly the crypto offer of the savings banks will look like and If It will come to all branches of the bank. The project is currently completely open-ended…. As a German crypto investor, I cannot confirm that Germany is particularly crypto-friendly. The only currently valid advantage in Germany is the tax regulation: after a holding period of at least one year, all profits from crypto are 100% tax-free.

  6. USA most friendly #3 is not acuate. Dubai, Portugal, Belarus, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, Сayman Islands don't tax capital gains from crypto… and that makes them far more friendly in my eyes.

  7. A great job as always James hey I would love for you guys to advertise for my company I sent you my contact information already look for an email for me I think you got my username here just please respond hopefully I'll talk to you soon

  8. Hi from Germany 🇩🇪
    As a long time xrp hodler I always enjoy watching your channel. Thank you for your great Work 👍
    To be honest I don't think Germany as number one crypto friendly country. Here in Europe Switzerland and Portugal are certainly much further in the topic of Crypto. I am a big fan of the USA and always like to visit your great country. I hope the USA will soon get back the strength it always had – especially with crypto. I wish you and your family a happy Easter. Enjoy your Texas Style Burger (I would like to eat it now). Best greetings from Germany.

    If I reply to a message, JamesRuleXRP will be HIGHLIGHTED in a "Gray Bubble"
    Thank you.

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