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  1. That money kicks1 is the kid to the richest man in the UAE… wonder where funding for this came from?

  2. There’s no way he didn’t know it was a scam people are just thinking the sun shines out of speeds ass. He’s playing a character

  3. Its funny how these kids think this monki cares about them… This is what nelk and stevewilldoit did to make it fat…. SCAMMERS EVERYWHERE

  4. new account ∙ 6.9B views ∙ 69 seconds ago                                                   . says:

    L Scam

  5. Just let the kid scam bruh. The bag is good. He did everything he could to take their money and show y’all it’s a scam. 😂😂😂 y’all just need to play along and scam the scammers bruh

  6. "Success is … knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others." _John C. Maxwell

  7. "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." _Bill Gates

  8. Dont buy Paradox so I can buy more. Easiest way to turn 1m to 2m to 3m to 4m. Easy way to get rich.

  9. Btw in the meanwhile this 2 company guys were interviewed like for an hour. They Multiple times brought Up andrew tate as a great ans awesome role model and also claimed to be Growing up just few doors away from him. That Tate followers for you ,yep

  10. its not scam you d'ont know the team so d'ont talk like this He d'ont need your money to scam you

  11. After i see him with Lil Nas x i lose respect how u can Hangouts with someone that sell Devil shoes

  12. This is sad to see. You know, Speed is older than I am but I understand that he can be impulsive and naive. I don't shame him for it but he has to correct his ways before he gets used and stolen from and ends up like Elvis

  13. Even the mods were spamming L scam, i ain't complaining, but they did the right thing they were warning speed.
    They need their old speed, what an absolute Chad's
    W mods

  14. I’m really hoping speed was just acting, but if not then his career is done for 😕

  15. I hope Speed gets done. Can't stand the arrogant git.
    He's in on it, or he's dumb af, how could he not tell?
    Did anyone actually believe his bad acting for thinking it was the real CR7?

  16. lol people saying that they took advantage of speed or like they were holding him hostage or something are actual speed dickriders….he aint a child…he just plays a character to be dumb

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