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Special Guest Julian from – A Metaverse Game That Our Guild Is Excited About!

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In this weeks episode we speak with Julian the creator of a Metaverse 2D game inspired by Stardew Valley and Gather Town that has our Game Guild Super Excited!

Blu Ocean Crypto is a Play To Earn NFT Games and Cryptocurrency Educational YouTube Channel. Learn everything you need to know to properly understand and navigate this space together with our community!

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Here at Blu Ocean Crypto we are your go to source for all things Play To Earn, NFT Games, and Cryptocurrency. We will cover gameplay, strategies, ROI analysis, and latest research. Through our connections, we’ll have interviews with project leaders so you can get the most direct information about the projects you’re interested in jumping into.

We recognize that most people are new to play to earn and cryptocurrency in general. So at Blu Ocean Crypto we aim to ease our new friends into the crypto space and provide simple easy to understand explanations on everything Crypto.

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Blu Ocean Crypto is closely tied to Blu Ocean Games Guild which operates and plays all of these different Play To Earn NFT games.

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GUEST – Julian

0:00 Intro
0:41 How Did Start And Also Shift Into Web3
3:46 Inspired By Stardew Valley And
8:16 Your Teams Goals And Accessible To Everyone
12:51 Why Did You Peg Your In Game Currency to ETH?
19:21 Can Buy All The Land Directly In Game And No Map Limit
27:50 Things To Look Forward Too And Long Term Goals
34:42 Polygon Or Ethereum And Why Blu Ocean Is So Excited
40:30 Closing Thoughts


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  1. Great video. So excited to be a part of this game whilst it's in it's early stages:D Excited to see the growth!!!

  2. Good chat gents! The space just keeps growing. Thanks for bringing us these projects we might not normally find out about.


  3. BLU OCEAN KINGDOM GOOOO! This project is sick and sounds like they can pull it off easily!

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