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Square Enix President Discusses Metaverse, NFT's & Cryptocurrency for 2022

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We actually have another end of the year message this time from Square Enix CEO & president Yosuke Matsuda. He discuss Metsaverse, NFT’s, crypto & blockchain gaming. What does this mean for the future of SE?

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  1. Hey Dave. Perhaps a future vid topic, but a lot of people believe Aerith because it's crucial to the story and I agree. But what would happen if she didn't die? Like she'd obviously tell them she summoned Holy and Sephiroth is somehow suppressing it, but like what sequence of events would that snowball into? Anyway, just a thought

  2. "Play to Earn" is not what you think. It will likely be an expansion of gotcha mechanics with a small number of early whales owning valuable NFTs. The rest will just shovel money into other peoples pockets in the hopes to one day get rich.

  3. Every time I ask what NFT is, someone starts a whole story. Like "Imagine if you bought an apple. Now you have a hundred friends who have oranges. So you bring them your apple receipt…" Etc. No one can just explain it in lamens terms

  4. NFT's are extremely dumb and pollute the planet like crazy, I do not want this bs near Final Fantasy

  5. I never did know the first thing about crypto and nfts and quite frankly I don't care about them at all. But from what you said in the video it just sounds like this is a way to legitimize gold farmers in mmos. You get earn or buy said items through in game means and you sell it for real money, which is exactly how gold farmers work they use bots to earn and excess of gold or whatever then they spam out a website you go to so you can use real money to buy what the bots farmed.

  6. "I see that people are excited" – Matsuda
    "No" – literally everybody.

  7. I saw your old videos about pronouns and that shit is hilarious, so let me say, keep on striving and uploading, 1k views is not to shaby… (And yes I did search it because I want a debate) anyway babay

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