The Metaverse Adds Chris Brown To Growing NFT Community

The Metaverse Adds Chris Brown To Growing NFT Community

YouTube video

If you’re making music in 2022, you’ve likely encountered the opportunity to be in the metaverse.

Breezy capitalizing on the moment. And the future.


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  1. All these people talking mad shit, and they still be watching his videos and listen to his music, like bitch you a hypocrite for show, like this is getting mad annoying. Team Breezy all the way, These haters don’t know real music. They listen to 69 or something

  2. He’s ganna be the Rick James of the Metaverse.

  3. Damon Kyle-turner

    This Nigga be playing with his nose before he go on camera I see. Sad. Drugs got this Nigga bad.

  4. Props to the few celebs that still appreciate the fans and THEIR experience idk any artists rn that have went back to meet and greets and do things like he does to show his gratitude for his fans 💯 🫡

  5. Damn this dude really is a whole Rich junkie

  6. Too many idiots in these comments – i am sorry. You seem to get a thrill from the famous fighting addiction. I remember Whitney & DMX – too many of you're about gotchas.

  7. That crack Rock got my boy jinglin

  8. Coke Make You Say A Lot Of Nothing

  9. How many artists were junkies in the 60s and 70s '80s and '90s what's changed nothing drugs are getting stronger so control is getting weaker…

  10. Promised and wedding ring

  11. Ring size 7Half

  12. Yeah he on something

  13. he talking alot about nothing

  14. right he look like he on something the way he finish his sentences is like coke head vibe

  15. It is what it is, or its more of Yesterday isn't tomorrow.

  16. Chris need to lay off that boogah sugah before he catch that Bobby brown jaw.

  17. The Keepin it Real Podcast

    Actually very sad to see him like this

  18. drugs kickin his ass

  19. 🔥 want you come up with Chris. Can’t wait for want comes next.

  20. Lip twitching

  21. Low key coked up

  22. mukhtar sharmarke

    Those are perky mannerisms

  23. This dude out the gate an looks like he on the gear ⚙️ hahaha but still the best singer in this generation

  24. DRUGS

  25. I’m sure his music is still whiny as fuck in the meta vers lol

  26. U can tell he do crack

  27. Tweakin

  28. Richer getting richer.

  29. Bro, when did Chris get that "Bobby brown" jaw. This ninja looks real bad

  30. He fighting that perk

  31. Shoulder jaw and eye movement lead me to believe only one thing…..

  32. He may be on pharmaceutical drugs, you them come with side effects too

  33. Remember the roach from Men In Black…. 🤐

  34. No one wants that

  35. chris brown just said a bunch of nothing!

  36. Gay

  37. Gay

  38. Buddy seem real tweaky

  39. JamalSoBaltimore

    Cannot judge this man he’s been in the game since he was 16 & still his music is great the world knows he’s a legend & got respect from me one of the best to ever hit the stage 💯

  40. Grift Brown.

  41. Nigga Harlem shaking like a mf

  42. Crypto , nfts just a scam . Only worth money cause it was hyped & you can redeem it for the American dollar

  43. The man has ADHD.

  44. okay globalist

  45. Higher than a kite

  46. Antonio Gomez Flores

    Alot of DOPE digital stuff. 🤔