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  1. So James, it is Sunday there, Monday here…. Are you excited yet?! Hehehe…. Thanks for continually keeping us informed. Cheers, Jono

  2. I get it that there are several cold wallets but being that every wallet doesnt hold every coin. Would it be necessary to get several cold wallet to hold various crypt o?

  3. And that’s all we have to say to the people who doubt us,,best be changing your mind 😊

  4. I said the same thing brotha, we can't take it with us. So hopefully I'll be a Blessing to others 🙏🏾😌

  5. When I step back 30000ft and look down I just cant understand what problems a metaverse or CBDCs solve for humanity. The risk of abuse and control way overshadows any minuscule advantage it would provide.

  6. The feeling from me is you becoming a bit biased in what you are invested in…. Just saying, still love your show👉

  7. Thank you so much for the feature man.

    Couldn't have made that video without you and the many other XRP researchers putting in countless hours in to bing this information to light. 🙏 Love this community!

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