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The Risks And Rewards Of The Metaverse Real Estate Boom

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There’s a land rush happening — and it’s not in New York City or Beverly Hills.

Early speculators, professional real estate agents, and celebrities are buying up land that doesn’t even exist in the real world. They are investing in metaverse real estate, a concept mind-boggling to most people.

So, what exactly is the metaverse? Technologists say the metaverse is the next level of the internet. It’s a virtual reality platform where people can play games, connect with friends, attend meetings, and even go to virtual concerts. Ever since Facebook announced it would change its name to Meta and focus on building its own digital world, interest in metaverse real estate skyrocketed.

In fact, real estate sales in the metaverse surpassed $500 million in 2021 and could double in 2022, according to data from MetaMetrics Solutions.

How much does it cost virtual land buyers?

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The average real estate parcel in The Sandbox metaverse platform was worth $2,620 in mid-October, according to A month later, after Facebook’s announcement, that price skyrocketed to $11,042.

Watch the video above to learn more about the risks and rewards of investing in metaverse real estate.

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The Risks And Rewards Of The Metaverse Real Estate Boom


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  1. Look at who bought Metaverse – Paris Hilton and Snoop Doog then you know you should seriously think about investing in virtual lands.

  2. sooooo virtual land it's an expensive ad that tends to fade with time? no so much like Real estate. 🤣

  3. It’s the creation of a false sense of scarcity for me as if you can’t just update and alter digital land. You can literally move “digital mountains” with a click of a mouse… Like come on… I hear people make the argument that because humans put a value on gold and paper, why can’t NFTs and the metaverse be the same? lol at least gold has physical and functional properties that we can use in electronics to run these metaverse lmaoooo There’s a limited supply and quantity of gold and everything in the real world, and things take time to manifest. That’s why we put value on things. This Metaverse is digital, you can literally hit ctrl+c, ctrl+v -.-

  4. I came here to learn how to trade after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $460,000 in 4 months from $160k. Somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.

  5. Most time having knowledge or insight about a particular activity can as well be a pleasing exercise. I can boldly say that forex and crypto trading is one of the profitable money exchange services that elevates investors and their financial status.

  6. I'm even confused if I should go into NFTs or crypto, I was told crypto is more safe than NFTS

  7. REAL ESTATE I know, metaverse estate I don't. Everything is getting worse and the only thing people are thinking of are ridiculous ways to make people part ways with their money. Besides crypto, I don't think there's any non tangible investment worth going into. NFT's, this, what's next?

  8. The virtual Real Estate market is based on the greater fool theory, I'm willing to buy non-existent land for $1 million because a bigger fool will buy it from me for $2 million in the next few weeks😅

  9. This Simon Powell guy can't even pronounce metaverse……idk what more to say about it as there were real estate bubbles before in 20th century as well as 21st century same could be and occur with virtual world but that doesn't mean it doesn't hold any value or it can't be volatile everything in life has certain volatility so instead of being so conspicuous or suspicious about something that we know very little about it's better off to an ideology of future where we know nothing about rather than speculating about future which is the same thing happened with internet in early 90s

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  11. The Metaverse and "digital real-estate" are for the mentally lazy. Plain and simple. For a world as mentally ill as it currently is, it's no surprise to see something like this being done.

  12. Thats such a bad idea

    You are bringing all the worse parts of buying land to a place where these limitations dont even need to exist

  13. The cost of home building materials are out of control. This is an amazing way to avoid inflation, stay warm, enjoy luxury bathrooms and protect yourself against crime. Metamucil is the answer.

  14. I bought an estate in metaverse through the help of Mrs Grace Becker ,just by following the steps given by her, I'm now biulding up my space through her help .she is the best I'd advise any novice in metaverse to seek help

  15. how many headsets did Meta actually sell so far? not many. Who controls the supply of the real estate? Meta.

    Yeah i'll pass on this fad for now.

  16. How are people missing the only logic, that real land is limited, but virtual land is endless. There can be lot of companies creating vast amounts of virtual land on their servers so ultimately the virtual land will be easily available to everyone without any scarcity, so the price of these lands would ultimately go down. There would be not a single hosting company, in future many companies will join hence increasing the availability of these lands and decrease in the value. Increase in the supply and decrease in the value. People should think about this before going on an investment spree.

  17. So in other words between the robotic companies and the meta verse humans are creating our inslavers and our own prison, brilliant!

  18. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

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