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TOP 15 Metaverse & NFT Gaming Sentiment Rankings | Crypto Power Index

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On this episode, we’re taking a look at sentiment data on our Crypto Power Index and ranking the top 15 Metaverse & NFT Gaming projects.

00:00 intro
00:33 Winkyverse sponsor
02:05 Crypto Power Index
03:45 Top 15 Metaverse & Gaming Sentiment Rankings
15:15 outro

#NFT #Metaverse #Crypto
~TOP 15 Metaverse & NFT Gaming Sentiment Rankings | Crypto Power Index~
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  1. Imagine buying April through November last year during the peaks of a bull run. People and their emotions.

  2. @BetYourBeans has a unique NFT staking and social gaming ecosystem. Anyone checked it out yet?
    GO check it out and grab one now

  3. Definitely PLEASE add SEEDIFY, they are building like crazy, just launched their NFT Marketplace and next is THE METAVERSE <3

  4. Great content! Very informative. My next token to acquire is $PYR. Vulcan Forged has secured Series A funding led by SkyBridge Capital. I'm very bullish on this project and possibilities of metaverse gaming in this next run. The low to mid cap gems are where I plan on the 8-30x gains.

  5. STEPN business model works as long as people keep buying the running shoes NFT to run/walk and earn, they're too expensive and takes too long to recover from the investment. The tokkens from sol, eth and bsc depriciated so much that i don't see future for them.

  6. Ape coin gonna be BTC of Nfts coins , let see their " OTHERSIDE " project will makes it , Islands and monkeys Metvarse . That gonna be hot !

  7. Now that the market is all down again it is a perfect time to accumulate more meta cryptos. It goes without saying now that they have won its rightful place among other cryptos and even somehow started to get even better. I'm choosing one gaming coin to accumulate on finex now while it's a bargain. the thing is it's hard to choose from a big variety

  8. Hi Paul, big fan of the show! Great content as always. I also wish to know more regarding the long-term scenario, bull cycle 2024-25. What would be the tokens to look out for then which can be considered as a "sure shot".

  9. The only real crypto metaverse is Upland with 200,000 active users. UPX is its currency, but not tradeable. Sand, 5000 users? Dotmoovs is promising for move2earn.

  10. Paul you should add Yield Guild Games I’ve been tracking for quite a long time and I think it’s got potential. Let me know what you think!

  11. I think Sweat token can flip StepN if the token price is high. Note that it takes nothing to start sweat token unlike StepN that require one to buy their snickers.

  12. Paul and the rest of the network what is your favorite Metaverse (not a coin or token) and / or the one you use the most? Great channel BTW.

  13. Thanks for giving us a peek at the CPI. I remember when this was something you did regularly, but it makes sense to charge a small fee for such powerful information.

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