Top 20 Metaverse amp NFT Game Rankings Sentiment Analysis

Top 20 Metaverse & NFT Game Rankings | Sentiment Analysis

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On this episode, we’re taking a look at the top 20 metaverse and gaming projects ranked by marketcap, sentiment, and amplification in April, based on our Crypto Power Index data. The top 5 coins in sentiment are: Stepn (GMT), Illuvium (ILV), Sandbox (SAND), ApeCoin (APE), and RedFox Labs (RFOX). We’re also taking a look at a few other game projects that are on the move.

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00:00 intro
00:37 Q1 2022 Gaming Report
06:19 Low Cap Game Rankings
08:20 RFOX
09:32 Bit Hotel BTH
10:23 Ecomi OMI
11:49 Castle Crush
13:29 Stepn GMT
15:03 Pocket Arena POC
15:42 Top 30 Metaverse Rankings
19:11 outro

#NFT #Metaverse #Crypto
~Top 20 Metaverse & NFT Game Rankings | Sentiment Analysis~
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  1. Is pixelverse (PIXEL) and galactic arena (GAN) good Nft, meterverse buys?

  2. Extremely surprised to not see Aavegotchi on here yet

  3. __Grist for the Lel__

    You really need to lead in this space for your audience. Most of this is lagging indicators. Sheep to the slaughter.


    Be the first to bring the YouTube audience to Improbable.

    Their M2 tech will change ALL online gaming.

    10,000 per server. All on one map, all in a persistent online world.

    How good is this Alpha?

    Beginning of April, 2022 SoftBank led an investment round of 150m at a 1b valuation.

    This is key.

    This valuation was just for their blockchain portion of their business.

    Last year they pivoted to Bchain. That round of investment?

    Tokens were issued.

    Read their press releases. Their plan is to issue governance tokens.

    Tokens for a firm that could be the back end of all Metaverse gaming.

    If you don’t know how huge even their demo this month of 1500 players on one map is, then you should not be into Chaingaming.

    It is revolutionary. Unheard of, such a leap forward no gamer would believe it was possible to have 1500 players on one map

  4. brandon martin (Texsueño)

    Curious why Pegaxy is mentioned here in a positive light when it is all but dead.

  5. The best channel by far!

  6. Very informative video.. Thanks.
    Meanwhile… What are your opinions about @PuzzlesCrusade NFTs, I would really love to hear what you have to say about it.

  7. Thomas S Cochran

    Holding right around 700 coins. Been watching since released. Seems to me that they have many moving parts and a lot to look forward to. I’m bullish long term here.

  8. Awesome show. Most informative yet

  9. Thinking Outside The Box

    Sorry Paul but the metaverse is dead. It only got its pump back in November from Meta. Axie, Decentraland, and Sandbox are in the past. They are all just video games. No metaverse yet.

  10. You may not see it with the untrained eye but PAUL’s had a hair cut.

  11. Your ranking sandbox to number 3- Oh I guess cause its gone up so much, there are other better gaming ecosystem out there, that will supersede and pass these single games.

  12. My current Gamefi investments are: 1) Katana Inu, 2) ECOMI OMI 3) Bloktopia. 4) Ultra UOS., 5) Verasity – I am also very much interested in GALA, Decimated, REVV, Nyan Heroes, and Racefi.

  13. Glad to finally see League Of Kingdoms make an appearance. Great performer for a while now.

  14. Last couple of cpi uploads are not accurate. In my opinion it shows what has been and not what's to be expected. Ethereum had a huge amplification rise on Wednesday. U would expect a rise in price but it didn't.

  15. What rubbish Uncle Paul .

  16. Has PB talked about NFT Worlds yet?

  17. Jose Leni Solidum

    If you're a noob and blindly followed this channel and bought their reco, you'll be LOSING money right now… lol 😂😂

  18. I will trust crypto games when the game studio focuses on the game and they partner with an established coin.

    Game studios shouldn't be able to run the money and the content theres no incentive to succeed when they've already got control over all the money.

  19. Illuvium.

  20. Why Gamestarter (GAME) creator wallet contain so much supply 76%?

  21. Some nice projects there 🤟💰

  22. It's going to be a while before metaverse pumps again….we are far away from any real meaningful adoption…no need for daily videos on this. Come back in a year.

  23. Gala, UFO are great

  24. Paul what do you think for TCG WORLD?

  25. Sir Paul please go over new scammers who fake their trading platform to scam people on cryptp

  26. the fact that this channel never ever mentions DeFi Kingdoms even though if you go to DappRadar and click on "Games", and then sort by "Volume", and it's almost always on top of Axie Infinity or a really close 2nd – just gives this channel zero credibility. maybe it's just a paid shill station idk.

  27. hope you cover GAMiUM … great video as always boss.

  28. ⭕️🚀

  29. Pedpost Urgent Care

    Men u r boring 😴

  30. you always bring unnecessary information just goes straight to the point🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  31. Rfox..the Juggernaut is coming.

  32. hi guys, can someone explain to me what is meant by amplification?
    I'm new to this world
    Thank you


  34. It's amazing how popular this show is despite not keeping to any sort of schedule. It just comes on whenever! lol