Top 3 Reasons Metaverse Mass Adoption is Coming Faster Than

Top 3 Reasons Metaverse Mass Adoption is Coming Faster Than Expected

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The Metaverse and Web3 is making the headlines when it comes to onboarding top tech firms and building infrastructure. Mass adoption is coming. Are we several years away from a couple trillion dollar economy, yes, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t paying attention and quietly building in the background. Exciting times are ahead.

On todays Good Morning Metaverse, Justin and Bryan from Meta Money go over 3 mainstream stories surrounding the Web3 Ecosystem. Make sure to head over to the @Meta Money channel for more content like this! Subscribe To Meta Money ➡️

0:00 Intro
0:38 HTC Launches Metaverse Phone
1:18 Over 500 Companies in Metaverse
2:07 Tencent Launches XR Unit
3:11 Outro

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  1. Mutasarruf Sarraf

    Talking too fast like you have an urgent job doesn't help anyone. If you don't want the bitboy to find someone else for you, read in a slower and more emphatic tone.(for first speaker )

  2. Nft and meta verse videos here don’t seem to have as many views as other content, that might say something.

  3. Gala wil leade the metaverse. That partnership with Epic games to produce GRIT will be huge. Not financial advice.

  4. Pluto Alliance 👽

  5. Very good

  6. Sah dudes
    Keep bringing this content, very much enjoying it

  7. Only a fool would ever fall for this. The metaverse is a trap.

  8. Why in the hell are you not talking about Bitgert till the wheels fall off? 🤦 Bitgert is goin to be the most disruptive ecosystem in the crypto market next bull run bet me.

  9. Tencent —>> Everdome —->> # 1 16k HD hyper realistic metaverse

  10. Cornacopius on Cardano, gonna be huge 👍

  11. $REALM is where it is at folks

  12. Realm is working hard on a metaverse android and ios game. Already released a beta!! Check it out! 😀

  13. Sony , Samsung and theta will be the leaders in the Metaverse

  14. Enter_Realm 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  15. Realm will be there for you. Beta just launched. Market place will be created and place to earn. Also Fiat functions. Its dick. Further DYOR.

  16. HTC is garbage

  17. Paranoid Android

    Will the Revolution be televised????

  18. Everdome guys. Its gonna explode

  19. Nakudo The Gamer

    BDE AND JCHAINS At it again

  20. BCRC, Clay, and Corn meta on ADA degen is where it’s at! Don’t sleep on these up and comers. Forget about the ETH over chargers.

  21. The whole metaverse thing just sounds so lame

  22. Want real metaverse gem.. DYOR about Metaruffy.

  23. boris zlikowsky

    earth2 and nextearth is future of metaverse and web3

  24. MetaSpawn Crypto

    Looking forward to the future. Good info guys. And nice short video. Thanks.

  25. Bullish on Parade

    Meta Strike !!! Check it. It’s Play to earn Call of Duty 💥 🚀

  26. An android based phone is not web3 try again

  27. So much hype but it still needs a VR. Unless they introduce metaverse on consoles, PC and mobile phones it'll be hard to pull it off