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Top 3 Undervalue metaverse crypto coins to buy now – 25 rs only

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Asalam o alikum dear viewers, today i will share with you top 3 undervalue metaverse crypto coins that you can buy in may. These coins are less than a dollar and in Pakistani rupees it cost you 25 rupees.

Viewers were asking for that which is the best coin to buy today so best crypto that you can buy now in may for good profits are these top 3 coins.

For details watch the complete video that is explained in hindi/urdu, and do not forget to subscribe.


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Disclaimer: This is not a piece of investment advice. I’m not a financial adviser. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgment. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor or of fair use.


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  1. Usman bro, please consider DyDx exchange coin too.. if it has potential then please.

  2. Meiny last one years mein 15 lac loss kia tha… But kia abi is market mein 20 sy 30 lac invest kr sgty hen ya nae

  3. Usman Bhai, I have wax old coins in my etherscan how I change it to new waxP please guide.

  4. Sir apki koi vedio mai miss nii krta u are so honest and desent person.Allah Apko hamsha khush rky.

  5. Sir Decentraworld par ek video bana sakte hain. Not release yet. But they are working on privacy mayb they can replace monero 🤝

  6. اسلام علیکم محترم۔ غالبآ یہ وقت ہے 60 % آپ اپنا سرمایہ ڈیلی ڈریڈ میں استعمال کریں آپ کی ایڈوائز کے مطابق 3 سٹیجیز میں اور 40% جو اپ بات کر رہے ہیں لانگ ٹرم کیلییے اور اس کو روزنہ واچ بھی کرنا،ہوگا ۔۔۔۔

  7. After every 6 hours. I wait for your videos.Please give your opinions for saitama, tera and shibnobi. Allah khush rakhay.

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