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Top 5 Metaverse Cryptos To Accumulate During The Bear Market

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0:00 Intro
3:15 Aurory AURY
6:09 Illuvium ILV
8:37 Ultra UOS
9:46 Boson Protocol
12:07 Chiliz CHZ



I am not a financial adviser. Please understand the risks behind trading and learn what you are doing before commencing. Trade at your own risk and do your own research.

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  1. It would be good idea to place a link to your other videos within your video Nick 🙂

  2. When u think we bottom out ? Fed planning big cuts all through out the year .. inflation is real in usa

  3. 1. Dome – Metaverse (scan yourself and get into metaverse), They recently scanned MMA Europe. Think it's called FAME. It's the only one that looks real and not pixelated. The guy running was on Forbes list in Poland.

    2. ILV once reached to 2k without a game. The game itself looks awesome, but what I've learned with game/metaverse you have to figure out how to make money and that's through Land/NFTs. Playing the game on a computer/phone is difficult and not engaging. But if you're making 1k per day, hell yeah, we're playing all day. Or if you invested 3k in land and it turned into 300k in 2 years. Yes.

    3. PYR? – Always goes up but then comes back down. I would only play with this as a day trader. Usually get around $4-$7 then let it ride for $10. Then it'll drop. If it doesn't drop they'll save they've been hacked, so don't play with the risk, take profit.

    4. Shib might come out with a metaverse. Robinhood doesn't really list crap coins. So I'm not sure what they know about Shib.

  4. One thing most people don't think about is market cap is not fdv. And most of these metaverse projects are quite new and will have a lot of token unlocks. eg Superfarm. It was $4 at one stage, so people assume it can easily get there again. But when it was $4, there were only 5% of the supply circulating. Now there's 25-30%. By the next bullrun maybe 50-75%, so to get back to $4 the mcap will have to be 10-15x that of its last $4 high. So maybe fdv is a better metric to use than mcap when pricing in future metaverse valuations. Therefore instead of taking a 12bn metaverse valuation, maybe assume that will be 100bn at current prices with token unlocks by the peak of the next bullrun. So a 1tn metaverse valuation would be a 10x, not a 100x.

  5. Pyr seems to be one step ahead and u can actually play it right now… Trying to scoop up some around 6$

  6. I have one very low cap project that have 👀's on that I'm hoping will catch 🔥. It looks like it will be a phenomenal game (on SOL), but games take time to build… Decimated (DIO) for next bull run. Hard to guess which games will actually be popular though. That kind of thing just suddenly happens.

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