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Short for decentralized finance, DeFi is an umbrella term for a variety of applications and projects in the public blockchain space geared toward disrupting the traditional finance world. Inspired by blockchain technology, DeFi is referred to as financial applications built on blockchain technologies.


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    Those dislikes are from those who run CeFi.

  2. Finally, a proper tl;dr explanation. Thank you!


    Imper"ent loss please

  4. Frozen 🌟 store

    How do taxes work with DEX's since there is no sign up?

  5. I'm new to Bitcoin and would like to invest but I've got no idea on how to make good profit. Pls what's the best approach you'd recommend?

  6. I never 👏 so much after a video!!!!

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    When is your video on NFTs?

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    Great content, thank you. Would love to see a deeper dive into the yield farming aspect of defi if you have time 🙏

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    fantastic video! Really appreciate the clear terms and context for some of the diff coins. Subscribing right now.

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    Great content

  12. paypal is the reason I hate financial institutions, thank you so much defi!

  13. have you got any new video about this DEFI?


    It's strange how people talk about all the profits, they've been making through trading of bitcoin, while am here not making any profit at all. Please can Someone put me through on the right path.


    I am so happy about this .I just received a transfer of $38,000 all thanks to thechinahacks .

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  17. Good video explaining the concepts clearly. But my questions would be, the smart contracts created by Dapps would have to be so simple and also concise for them to work since they can not be changed once they are in place? Unlike traditional agreements forming a contract which can be agreed and varied between the parities. Also, who would write/create the smart contracts between the parties? The Dapps or the individuals themselves? If the individuals, then are they fully experienced and knowledgeable to do so? Also there is a section which discusses purchasing insurance by cutting out the middle " or organisation. Does that mean you would be insured by another individual willing to provide this insurance? If so, is there not a risk that the individual offering to provide insurance, has sufficient funds to do so? Would you not rather have the backing of a larger company organisation for insurance? Also, we need to remember that these larger companies were once a small company, that may have started off as an individual and then through successful business, has grown the business and employed more people and then eventually become this larger company they are now. Therefore why are reverting back to the grass routes and cutting these companies out?

  18. Thanks sarah One of my best channel on crypto

  19. Too "y informations in one video. Plenty of terms I don't understand. This is not a beginners guide nor explained in plain English. 👎

  20. No hipe, just great way of informing.

  21. Please do something on NFTs! 🙏🏻

  22. Viral facts and status

    What happens if someone defaults on a loan in a defi exchange?


    Thank you

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    This video is more understandable… I'm enjoying watching it.

  25. POV: ur dad is a libertarian

  26. I refuse to believe that sarah is using a tele-promoter! His amazing videos have convinced me that all this gold is just flowing straight out of head!

  27. How have I not found this guy sooner!?!?!? I've been searching for this for so long!! I'm so thankful and can't stop watching his videos!!