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What is the Metaverse? Complete Beginner's Guide

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Metaverse is a virtual reality world. You can extract with other people, see virtual locations, play games, and a lot more in the Metaverse.

This video is going to be a complete introduction to the Metaverse as well as all the resources you need to jump into the Metaverse.

I will also share some popular Metaverses (there is not just one Metaverse), talk about virtual currency within the Metaverse, NFTs, and more.

If you want to learn about NFTs, watch this video.

And this is the VR Oculus Quest 2 unboxing video.

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  1. Thank you, I now understood what it is. But still don't understand what its purpose

  2. It's all about gaining control of your brain, then your heart, and finally your soul.

  3. How is this different from GTA online? Just seems like a downgraded version of GTA V with VR

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  5. 2nd live was kinda meh.. y should a nft / Blockchain Version of it be any more popular? (Not trying to troll, legit question) – cheers.

  6. Wooow! Thank you for this videooo! I heard there are a lot of upcoming metaverse nft projects about to launch, do you have anything on your list to review? Id be following that for sureeee!

  7. I really hope that will not be the case more time in VR Worlds than reality.

  8. It's like telling us don't live a physical life just upload into a sleeve and live in the Metaverse. Useless eaters using too many resources in the physical world (get out of here into one of the Metaverses bye bye!

  9. Thanks so much for all this info.
    I want to jump into the Metaverse world.
    My goal is to create a metaverse dance nightclub.
    Meta seems like a must-do simply because of the FB, IG and Whatsapp connections.
    But I see there are limits to room capacity, basically maybe 15 – 20 people. That doesn't make sense for a nightclub.
    Plus I am concerned that Meta might start clamping down on DJs and nightclubs due to copyright issues, like they do with FB & IG.

    I like the Sandbox as many huge music-oriented performers & corporations have jumped in.
    Decentraland looks good too.

    Are you aware of any capacity limits on Sandbox & Decentraland?

  10. Man I hope you are wrong. Referring to the comment he made about spending majority of time in meta verse vs reality

  11. Ngl sounds lame spend more time on this instead of Doing things in real life🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  12. So basically playing the Sims? Why would anyone want to live in a virtual life like that? It's horrible lol

  13. Your going to have a whole group of people that think they own real things because they create ideas about their surroundings in VR.
    I find this really creative but really weird.
    When do we draw the line and just start sorting people out that we don't want or places we don't like.
    Seems dangerous for people that don't know the diff between VR and reality.

  14. How do you think about metaverse 2022 and Zombie World Z? See gameplay in youtube, Zombie World Z really attracting, and metaverse mode so amazing too. Now you can download and play Zombie World Z with ROI 20days.

  15. Doubtful that in 15 years we will spend all our time in the Metaverse. It won’t happen that quickly.

  16. I can help you promote your NFT work and I've got one of the best up coming Crypto project I can link you up with for massive gains ✨♥️

  17. I can help you promote your NFT work and I've got one of the best up coming Crypto project I can link you up with for massive gains ✨♥️

  18. The hardware is the biggest obstacle here. Until there is a VR headset the size and weight of a pair of reading glasses this will never go mainstream.

  19. Metaverse will bring an end to human race. It will end humanity.

    People will become so fascinated with their avatars and virtual life that they will start hating their real lives. People will stop meeting each other in real world. There will be no parties in the real world, no communities.

    Just take an example: 10 years from now, lets say there is a kid 12 years old who starts using metaverse. He will start using it and become addicted to it. He will be spending around 10–12 hours in that metaverse. He will not meet his friends in real life. He will not go to school because he is attending classes of some other online institute in the metaverse(may be unacademy starts taking live classes on metaverse). The entire day he will stay inside his house. He will play video games on the metaverse for fun, he will go to some beach in the metaverse. He will get much more short term dopamine hit by doing things in the metaverse than he might probably get in the real world. Just think about the mindset and how this child will turn out to be as a human. I am not saying he will be a bad person. But he would look at the real world with a completely different perspective. To be honest, he will get bored in the real world. So he will again wear the metaverse headset. This will become a vicious cycle. This is not just about one child or one person. There would be billions of users of this metaverse device. When these people grow up, they would have no idea about society, family planning, etc. They will not think about marriage in real world. Birth rate will decline drastically and the population will decline and human civilization will come to an end. I know this might sound very funny or irrelevant/unrealistic to some of you but it is what it is. If you don’t believe me, save this comment and revisit it after 20 years.

    Facebook will make billions/trillions of dollars from this metaverse. Your avatar wakes up and the first thing you see in the morning would be a AD. Since all the companies and sellers would be on metaverse, they will also start promoting their products and purchase ads from Facebook. Just imagine the amount of ads you see on internet today, your avatar which is basically you are going to see those many ads in the metaverse in 3D.

    Facebook is going to destroy the real world and human race just for the sake of their own profit. They sold social media to people by talking about all the good things it has to offer. But now most of you know about the side effects of social media and how much people suffer in the real world because of social media. Facebook is doing the same thing with metaverse. But this time the consequences are going to be much more adverse and irreversible. Technology will make real human life a sad one.

    All this is just my personal opinion.

  20. Mrs Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  21. If you can’t earn money on the meta verse there is no reason to use it!

    I’m not talking about buying stuff off other people to then resell, I’m talking about being paid to be on meta verse, or whatever the crap 💩 they’re tryin to push. Why would anyone spend the majority of their day with a damn headset that will no doubt be causing major headaches not just from wearing it but the strain on the eyes!

    Y’all can think everyone’s gunna go to your fake world but real life is way better. And owning a car in a metaverse is NOT better than experiencing driving in real life! It might be safer, but not more realist or fun

  22. We all know that the metaverse is booming right now, and many investors are behind it, so if you're searching for initiatives to help you establish a real metaverse someday, I highly recommend that you join the TG Community of MetaVersus and be a part of their adventure to do so.

  23. Frankly speaking its a freaking boring matrix for zombies . Go spend your days there so real humans can enjoy the planet in płace

  24. "Nelo Metaverse" will make some people rich. This is moon. 🚀🚀 BINANCE is near..

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