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Which Metaverse Cryptocurrency Tokens Should You Buy Right NOW?! | Trades Of The Week

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LIVE! 📈 Learn How We Trade & Invest In The Stock Market … AND Profit, In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day, On Saturday 5th March 2022 @ 10AM UK Time.

Watch our Weekly Trades Of The Week hosted by our Head Trader Dennis Sahlström and our Trader and Coach Keith Sullivan, where they delve into what is happening in the market right now, what you should be looking out for, and most importantly our percentage gains!

00:00 – Welcome to Trades of the Week
00:25 – Sign up for our FREE Stock Market Masterclass – 10am (GMT), Saturday 5th March
01:09 – Another Buffalo Opportunity
10:02 – Crypto Market Update
18:49 – What’s Next? Buy The Dip OR Wait?
22:15 – Trades Of The Week RESULTS
22:50 – FREE Stock Market Masterclass with one of the world’s best investors and traders!
23:04 – Outro

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Our mission is to help our clients create financial independence for themselves and their families through first-class financial education.

Celebrating our 18th year in business in 2022, Investment Mastery and our CEO Marcus de Maria have trained over 50,000 people across three continents and has produced over 150 training events since its inception in 2004.

Headquartered in North West London with a network of employees and partners around the world including Germany, Holland and Sweden, Investment Mastery has cemented our place as world-leading trading & investing educators.

Today, Investment Mastery’s growth sees us deliver over 47 live training events annually. We educate over 1300 clients across some of the leading financial capitals of the world including London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, while also developing and delivering industry-leading support and online training to over 1100 clients in 3 different languages across three continents.

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