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  1. Justin Loranger

    Okay, next can we do this with telephone companies?

    Entertain this idea with me: We all remember how blackberry allowed you to provide a blackberry messenger number to somebody else that had a blackberry, so you could communicate through that service.

    What about provisioning either a soul bound (Paul from Coinbase talks about this on LinkedIn) token or NFT only to people you wish to receive texts or phone calls from? You would be able to prevent telemarketers and also stalkers and anyone else, from contacting you unless they have your permission which you would be able to revoke at any time.

    A caveat, is that I could see certain creditors requiring you to grant them permission to contact you when you sign up for an account or credit card with them. This would prevent people from dodging their debts.

    When UD has unstoppable chat come back, that would be a perfect sandbox to POC something like that. I could imagine a partnership with Google for Google Fi, where you would have your domain name actually be your phone number, but only with Human Verification confirmed.

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