Ravelin Finance $rav Chart, Price and Contract

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Ravelin Finance is the first algorithmic stable token pegged to the price of Cardano via Seigniorage. Ravelin uses EVM compatible contracts thanks to the technology offered by Milkomeda, a side chain to Cardano. The main mission of the protocol is to mobilize Cardano holders by increasing the number of users and triggering growth on Milkomeda so that anyone involved in the ecosystem can find new opportunities with the use of a mirrored asset, Ravelin.

milkomeda-cardano milkomeda-cardano: 0x9b7c74aa737fe278795fab2ad62defdbbaedfbca

Name: Ravelin Finance
Symbol: rav
Network: milkomeda-cardano

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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rav price,Ravelin Finance price


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