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POLYDeFi x OpenBiSea launch

In this Medium Blog we will tell you all about OpenBiSea and the $OBS launch that POLYDeFi is hosting.

What is OpenBiSea all about?

OpenBiSea NFT marketplace is a smart contract, iOS, Android and web UI app. It is a simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy, sell and make auctions (smart contract based) for NFTs. The main core smart contracts are built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and have an Ethereum bridge for NFT assets.

Existing solutions for BSC do not have a marketplace open for creators or sellers, they can’t sell their own or purchased from third party NFTs with transparent auction based on smart contracts.

Now OpenBiSea is expanding to Polygon through a launch hosted by POLYDeFi. NFTs are hotter than ever now, so we can’t think of a better project for our first IFO.

$OBS token

$OBS token is here for creators, investors and for those who will use the app and invest in OpenBiSea. $OBS can be used for:

  1. Governance voting
  2. Selling NFTs to third parties
  3. Decreasing commissions for using the OpenBiSea platform
  4. Value adding for investment rewards

Each auction creator will require a minimal 1 $OBS balance (can be decreased on increase by the OpenBiSea team) on the wallet to create an NFT auction. This will incentivize creators to purchase $OBS and help investors to grow their investment amount. Auctions are created under a smart contract, which is one of the Youbank pools, but can work separately. In the future, investors can add money to the pool and managers will use investment to buy prospective NFTs on auctions and sell after with profit.

These great usecases for $OBS will make sure the token will have demand alongside the hype for their NFT platform.

Polygon $OBS tokenomics

11,25%: POLYDeFi launch (10000 $OBS tokens)

The remainder of the 78000 $OBS tokens (88,75%) will be allocated to Community based on this rules:

  • 5% will be distributed around first early users of app and/or smart contracts. Early users must be active, propose features and bug reports, actively invite friends and use referral system
  • 5% to a content creators bounty, where must include a video tutorials, full documentation, etc

Rest 78,75% will allocate to all future investment bitcoin-based principals:

  • Community members sell or buy more than one month $X of assets with OpenBiSea.
  • A Total amount of distributed OBS tokens is Z OBSs
  • Distribution will be allowed from $10k monthly sales

Each month all community buyers and sellers can claim to receive leaved OBSs tokens based on their total sales percent sharing, total sales and OBSs leaves in free pool:

  • 0.1% distribution if total sales > $10k and < $500k
  • 1% distribution if total sales > $500k and total sales < $5M
  • 10% distribution if total sales > $5M
  • new sellers and buyers for first month will receive 10% more than old investors, in case wallet never used inside YouBank
  • Each holder will have appropriate discount to all fees/subscriptions depends from % held OBSs divided to circulation supply
  • The member can’t claim 100% of monthly pool to claim, only 5% and total member amount must be more than 20.

OpenBiSea is set to join the Metaverse with an amazing P2E NFT game soon.

$OBS launch

POLYDeFi will start the $OBS launch at the 3rd of December around 9 AM UTC. (NOTE that staking and locking $OCTAGON to qualify for a tier and confirm IFO participation will be enabled 24 hours before the launch starts). The launch will run for 24 hours, after which the $OBS token will get listed on the PearZap JUIX DEX.

A total of 10000 $OBS tokens will be sold against a price of $30 a token.

Launch hard cap: $300.000

Launch soft cap: $200.000

How to participate in the $OBS launch?

Read the following medium article very carefully to understand the POLYDeFi launch process and to understand how to participate in the launch.


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