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BetSwirl is an online cryptocurrency gaming platform, fully decentralized and anonymous, where everyone is able to enjoy a fair play, a fun time, and an innovative gamer experience. The key features of BetSwirl: – A unique interactive gaming experience with animations and sound effects ready to be unleashed soon in the metaverse – Multiple games like Dice, Coin Toss, Million Jackpot… All are accessible easily by using the token of your choice: MATIC, BNB, AVAX, BETS, and all others ERC20 of our partners – A token at the center of the protocol with multiple use cases and deflationary mechanisms: BETS – A staking program to share the project profits with the community – A multi-level referral program to multiply your gain: The more you refer, the higher is the reward! – A transparent system with a complete protocol analytics dashboard – A community-driven protocol with multiple incentives, rewards, and surprises!

polygon-pos polygon-pos: 0x9246a5f10a79a5a939b0c2a75a3ad196aafdb43b
bsc bsc: 0x3e0a7c7db7bb21bda290a80c9811de6d47781671
avalanche avalanche: 0xc763f8570a48c4c00c80b76107cbe744dda67b79

Name: BetSwirl
Symbol: bets
Network: polygon-pos

Total supply: 7777777777
Max supply: 7777777777

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Avalanche Ecosystem,Polygon Ecosystem,BNB Chain Ecosystem,


BetSwirl bets Chart

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bets price,BetSwirl price


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