Malt Stablecoin V2 $malt Chart, Price and Contract

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Malt is an algorithmic stablecoin protocol initially deployed on Polygon that carries out privileged arbitrage on itself to keep the price stable. Profit generated via this arbitrage is then split between directly paying LPs and bolstering peg defences. As an LP all you have to do is create Malt LP and bond your LP tokens into the Malt contract. You will now start receiving a pro-rata share of all the profit made via the protocol arbitrage.

polygon-pos polygon-pos: 0xa27b6853d759c03b3ac3714a97322c90b9c79316

Name: Malt Stablecoin V2
Symbol: malt
Network: polygon-pos

Total supply: 10376429
Max supply: 10376429

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Polygon Ecosystem,


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malt price,Malt Stablecoin V2 price


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