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“I Pray For YOU” “You Pray For ME” “We Pray For The WORLD” “Create a new life in the metaverse” Those are the visions and slogans for Prayverse Foundation. Apply the metaverse and blockchain technologies to our daily life. Prayverse Foundation’s ecosystem focuses on projects that enrich our lives for all of us. A Hybrid Metaverse theme park Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a decrease in activity on amusement platforms, the city of Busan is considering the next ten years for people’s entertainment. The Metaverse theme world will be fresh, technology-ridden, and amazingly relevant to tourists worldwide in terms of enjoyment. 1. The implementation of the reality to virtuality in the metaverse regarding hotels, attractions, and shopping malls. 2. The Hybrid (Virtual world & real trip) of future tourism. 3. The Primary concern of the MZ generation’s satisfaction with enjoyment. Expectations of tourist increasement. 4. The massive size of the land area (1,423,488 sqft) and the gross floor area (5,516,016 sqft) is going to be a place for locals and tourists also provide unforgettable experiences in their life. This is one of the main purposes of the project. Therefore, applying the metaverse blockchain technology will make future customers (MZ generation) easy and familiar to access the platform. 5. Prayverse Foundation focuses on developing a new reservation system. The foundation will provide systematic smartphone reservations, which means that it saves the time for queuing. tourists do not have to waste their time waiting for attractions. Spend efficiency time in the MPW with their families. 6. As it is the world’s first Metaverse Theme Park (MTP) to be built at the same time as a large-scale resort complex planned in Korea’s second city, Busan, we will achieve an unparalleled quality of the THEME PARK that is highly synchronized with the actual resort. And that will allow potential customers to browse online before buying membership tickets or visiting for touris

polygon-pos polygon-pos: 0x3f4203223440348344d730fbba18797f55dca628

Name: Pray
Symbol: pray
Network: polygon-pos

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 1000000000

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pray price,Pray price


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