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Stabl.fi is a cross-chain fully collateralized organic yield generating stable indexcoin protocol. Users mint $CASH by depositing stables into the Stabl protocol. The amount of $CASH in your wallet will continually grow, due to the yield strategies the protocol deposited stables are put in. Fully collateralized: For every $CASH in circulation, there is stablecoin collateral backing it. $CASH currently supports such stablecoins as USDC,USDT & DAI with others to be added in the future. $CASH is always redeemable for the same value as your deposit. Collaterals in strategies are diversified within specified usage bands to minimize exposure to risk Organic yield generating: Assets deposited to mint $CASH are utilized across chains and protocols to generate organic yield. Yields are distributed to $CASH token holders 2x daily via. rebase. User funds are invested in whitelisted and audited protocols. All strategies are managed fully on-chain Stable indexcoin: $CASH is a stable indexcoin that is pegged to an approved basket of stable assets. The goal of this indexcoin is to allow investors to gain exposure to dynamic yielding opportunities of the supported collaterals cross-chain without having to manage it’s underlying assets.

polygon-pos polygon-pos: 0x80487b4f8f70e793a81a42367c225ee0b94315df

Name: Stabl.fi
Symbol: cash
Network: polygon-pos

Total supply: 24815
Max supply: 0

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