Stable One Rocket $srocket Chart, Price and Contract

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We see this project helping in two different ways. First, it allows users to decide on which projects they’d like us to build next. This way anything that StableOne Rocket builds will instantly have users, and a community surrounding the project. Second, WAGMI (we’re all going to make it). We’ll all be in the same boat (or ship in this case) and as the projects profit, $SROCKET holders profit as well. We’re building and launching these projects so that we can all launch together, and prove that you don’t need massive amounts of external funding from large corporations to build amazing projects.

polygon-pos polygon-pos: 0x94788309d420ad9f9f16d79fc13ab74de83f85f7

Name: Stable One Rocket
Symbol: srocket
Network: polygon-pos

Total supply: 100000
Max supply: 100000

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Polygon Ecosystem,


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srocket price,Stable One Rocket price



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