Stepwatch $swp Chart, Price and Contract

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StepWatch is a WEB3 fitness and health tracking mobile application that incorporates NFT Move-To-Earn and social networking elements. It is a place where you can get rewards through walking, jogging and gym. You need a free Watch to participate in the Platform, or you need to purchase an NFT watch first. Walking, running, and physical training can then enable you to obtain Cryptocurrency and other NFTs in the Platform and the items you earned can be used for in-platform activities or can be traded on the platform.

polygon-pos polygon-pos: 0xabede05598760e399ed7eb24900b30c51788f00f

Name: Stepwatch
Symbol: swp
Network: polygon-pos

Total supply: 500000000
Max supply: 500000000

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Polygon Ecosystem,


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swp price,Stepwatch price


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