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85% Bitcoin crash to $10k? Richard Heart now has this update to his call (Pt. 1/2)

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This is part 1 of a two-part interview. Watch part 2 here, which is on HEX’s staking method, Celsius, Luna, and Heart’s responses to viewer questions:

Richard Heart, Founder of HEX, talks about the economy, Bitcoin, and HEX with David Lin, Anchor and Producer at Kitco News. He also discusses the problems with institutional crypto and fiat currencies, and whether Bitcoin can survive a possible recession.

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0:00 – Bitcoin crash
6:20 – Crypto during recessions
12:10 – Cryptos vs. stocks
14:25 – Macroeconomic outlook and Bitcoin
23:14 – HEX’s performance
26:02 – Crypto ‘whales’
30:00 – Did the NSA make Bitcoin?
31:13 – Hacking of cryptos
33:12 – How HEX works

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  1. This guy is so full of himself. The only reason I hex is up more than Bitcoin & Ethereum is because it is a newer coin with a smaller Market Cap, just like doge or sand and all of the newer coins with smaller market caps. Look at Shiba Inu, gala games, etc. All of them outperform the larger Market Cap coins. Think critically folks. I

  2. This guy is so insecure. I’ve never seen a public figure who needed more reassurance of his own worth. Quite sad.

  3. I’ll listen to the same RH interview over and over day in and day out, no one comes close to his depth of truth.

  4. Richard Heart says A LOT! It is easy to be right one SOMETHING if you say a LOT, but he is also WRONG a LOT!

  5. bitcoin is a 1:1 pump and dump hype scheme, for every million it made, someone lost a million. people who still hold bitcoin is relying on the same external factors that saw it rise to 69k; government printing money, fake scares, fake news, and "influencers".. but hey, we are in the great reset after all, its all very possible.

  6. "i own a psychic clinic, its a scam, but I make money, so its worth defending like it was a genuine business, cheers!"

  7. I stopped watching early on the interview. Richard is an ass and conceited..why doesn't he let the host finish his question.always talking over.he just want to talk big about himself.i pity his life and his family and friends.must be a difficult person to be with

  8. I like how Ricard Heart answers the questions. No bullshit, genuine answers, straight to the point

  9. solid logic… it will go down 85% because it always has. validation that stupid can still get u rich

  10. BTC was $6,000 in March 2020. A "crash" to $6,000 would be normal, natural, and expected.

  11. People will always speak for someone who is honest and straightforward and pay attention to them. Fantastic content!

  12. That's the hell about bitcoin. it requires a lot of patience but not for the weak hearted

  13. This was by far the rudest guest I’ve ever seen on your show. He interrupted you constantly, talked down to you, was narcissistic and then complained he didn’t have more followers. I completely agree with his target range of 10 to 12 K bitcoin, but I literally can’t make it through the second half of this.

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