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Bitcoin & Crypto Market Update – May 2022 Bear Market Crash Predictions

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Hey, how bout a crypto video? I’m only making videos when the urge arises, and well, today was that day. Thanks for sticking by as I’ve been digging deep and redefining. If you like this content check out The Crypto Garden youtube channel for more videos from Tchello, CryptoCodex and others.


Not financial advice. We are upright hairless monkeys, not financial advisors.


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  1. Its funny you make videos when the markets is all euphoric. Your no different and benefit selling your bags to your audience at the top

  2. You have no idea how much I needed to see this video today. Thank you so much

  3. Love when a video actually ages well. So tired of "the bottom is very close". Keep up everything you are doing

  4. DCAing in and spending time with my family. Seeking to be less distracted. No need to go crazy watching trying to figure out what's going to happen next.

  5. Early planning is the best way to build a strong foundation for greatness.. I recommend Bitcoin/ Forex trade coz it's the easiest online investment that has plenty opportunities to earn a decent payouts and the right skills to proper understanding of how the market runs. I believe the best online trade one can think off right now is to invest in Bitcoin trade, though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to Bitcion/ Forex trade l've seen so much difference 🥰

  6. I really appreciate your effort in each video you post, but through the help of my broker Jane Frey trading and investment is made easy for me.Gratitude alone wouldn't cut it, the return of an investment with Mrs. Jane Frey on my portfolio is mind blowing enough that i can't keep it all to myself, Such efficiency. Thanks for changing my life for good.

  7. Something in my gut told me to sell at 69K when you called Wykoff again. I should have listened. Luckily I sold sooner than the herd. But not soon enough.

  8. Bro this dude so awkward when he’s asking questions in the second half of the video😂

  9. I agree with your guest about general lack of inovation in defi projects, but there are several really exciting projects which are trying to go big with Defi. For example, JEDSTAR company with it's own ecosystem and two exciting tokens – still in very early phase of development, thus very big potential.

  10. How come both your background/ room looks exactly the same?! 😂.. And thank you for sharing your perspectives 🙏♥️

  11. Bitcoin continues to surprise and scare me. But I'm definitely not going to sell it. I will buy more sats with my usdt.

  12. Bitcoin is not a stock on the stock exchange. It is under its own jurisdiction and not to be compared with anything. It's purpose is to be utilized as a different form of monetary exchange and asset than that of fiat money. Understand how powerful it already is since it was 30USD to 1 bitcoin and now it is 30000USD to 1 bitcoin.
    Bitcoin is Irreplaceable and Unbeatable!

  13. This resonates. Many sophisticated bot traders plus the tools smart money has. This is why I don’t margin trade/leverage because I don’t want to compete against that. I’m HODL my portfolio and DCA Bitcoin at this time.😇

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