Crypto Price Prediction

Bitcoin Price Prediction In 2023!

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Bitcoin’s price volatility continues, with predictions of a drop to $21-22K after reaching $25-30K. Keep an eye on support levels for the remainder of the year.
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  2. He was wrong before about bear market and then he apologize dont listen to this own bag pump maniac

  3. Lmao an epic stock market crash is about to unfold and he thinks bitcoin will stay above $20k. Get out know while you still can. You've been warned ⚠️

  4. stocks have lower lows to see, i doubt btc avoid lower lows as well. load up at 13k bois

  5. Unfortunately this shouldn’t be the support line for bullish momentum leading to the halving. We’re far below the 200 WMA , BTC never has been below that for any length of time. Until we get above and hold that line as support , bottoms not in

  6. So what happened to your "information from a trusted source" that a black swan event was on the way and a massive dump was coming?

  7. No, not the support line. Stocks to have a massive dip… Bitcoin cannot continue to move opposite of stocks. That’s never happened for a sustained period of time. BTC under 15k

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