Crypto Price Prediction

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Scenario 1

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In this Bitcoin price prediction, Ben breaks down his bullish BTC prediction. This Bitcoin prediction assumes that the price of BTC has already seen its bottom.

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  1. Bitcoin isn’t a currency it’s a commodity. It will be offered on peoples 401k in the future.

  2. 🤦‍♂️ bitboy looking at your past attempts at making predictions i would have thought by now you would have learnt…. so far what ive learnt is what ever you say i do the opposite and im infront lol

  3. Retire my guy… you killed your followers in November and you’re killing your followers now. Go away man, seriously. When 90% of the comments are clowning you that’s your sign to quit making videos.

  4. If you put a prediction for any scenario you can pull content to always be correct. You sold out bro, so sad from where your platform used to be. Bitboy sucks

  5. Whatever, I just keep buying what I can afford to hold, and not sell, for a long time. Only 21 million BTC max, some BTC are forever lost. I am going to be in a exclusive group of lucky people.

  6. Lol do you know how many people lost money in bitcoin savings down payment on a house buying you stuff to make you happy doesn’t make any sense think about it you give me real hard working money that you make for some fake ass digital money monopoly money it doesn’t make no sense all that shit is a pyramid scheme can you repeat pyramid scheme

  7. We are officially in the Age of Aquarius on July 1st. Bitcoin to moon to $50,000 on that day. It's a lock.

  8. Dont listen to this scammer he will say anything to get you to invest. Then rugpull

  9. Lol slide backeard to 25k in next 6 months lol. That sideways pain wil kill crypto

  10. Next Level Trending Coin Will SATOZHI World 1st Proof Of Burn (POB) Coin…! Please Pin This Comment…!

  11. Why would you EVER believe ( or waste your time ) listening to ANY prediction he makes ??? His prediction track record sucks, just a fact. If " PredictionBoy " gives one of his many predictions just do the opposite and you'll make money….or better yet, just ignore him and his predictions !

  12. 🤡 These crypto YouTube influencers are a joke… They don't make money trading. They get paid to push bs … Let's see their trading journals….

  13. Solid scenario. Judging by the comments so far you really need to spoon feed the crowd! … Would love to see a graph with 3 time scenarios on it & some bullet points that enable each. (Early / Average / Late recoveries). This scenario does give a solid estimate for how long it’s going to take for the market to digest the bear trend. I agree to it as a “best case”, but personally project new lows coming into 2022 as the fed tightens & markets continue to decline. I’m looking more at Q2 2022 for a bottom. Till then, I continue on my strategy … DCA using yields earned on stable coins. When I’m convinced I’ve seen the double bottom, I’ll ramp up my weekly DCA to drain my stable coins back into BTC…. It’s a long game of accumulation in a cyclical market…. Cheers to Bitcoin priced at 7 figures to the left of the decimal by 2031

  14. Sadly a nonsense post 🔮 🧙‍♂️- Some of the content on the channel is decent, then it self implodes with contradictory waffle and confusing babble. Shame..

  15. This guy is all over the place. One day he says BTC will hit 10k then weeks later he says 25K.
    I say it falls to weekly 200 SMA or below IMO

  16. Everyone should screen record this clip and replay it November 28th when bitcoin hits 3,000. He’ll delete this vid by then

  17. Thought u said 100k….. then u say 70-80% correcttion… now u say btc 🙄found its bottom??… guess don't be a zombie…. I only sub for the daily weekly news.. THATS IT

  18. don’t know why I clicked, but bitcoins futures is in the hands of the stock market

  19. <I respect your work mate, It blows my mind how some people are still treating this like a buy the dip scenario. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio rather than going in and out every couple weeks trying to time the market. Trading went smooth for me, thanks to Jonah Howie Crypto, for his amazing skills for helping me to earn 7 BTC from 1.8 BTC through day trading.

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