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  1. Just another shit scam token. Steam and alien wear went to shit a long time ago. Just like this steaming pile of shit

  2. Can you pls share some coins for investment till 2024-2025 .
    Are these coins good for investment pls suggest

  3. Burn mechanism ke saath kaun se best gaming coin hain long term hold keliye. And alt coin long term keliye

  4. Bilkul thik kr rahe ho aap….Kai ghatiya youtuber ne paise kharab krwa rahe ho …mere to Kai baar ho chuke h

  5. Your review is always fair brother. I had purchased 5500$ of gala token when it was 0.21n now its 0.041.many poeple lost monye in gala token.

  6. Bhai expose kro bhale hi
    There are pros and cons
    Pro – some people will be saved from trap
    – your subscribers might also be increased
    Cons- plz don't make too much video of him
    Just make one or two video of him and others for good and fundamental coins
    Otherwise we might also get bore from him
    I hope you understand it 🙂

  7. I think, u r right, if every person exposes the scammers of his own field, the world can be honest n beautiful. No need of banks, police, courts, etc.

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