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If Bitcoin price drops below this level, Kevin O’Leary would be concerned; here’s why

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If Bitcoin drops below this level, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary will be concerned. O’Leary spoke with Kitco News on the sidelines of the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami.

What is Bitcoin’s price floor to justify building all the new green energy sources to mine the cryptocurrency? That’s the question preoccupying many investors’ minds.

“I am happy if Bitcoin stays at $50k for a couple of years. It is forcing everybody to make better computing power,” he told Kitco’s Editor-in-Chief Michelle Makori.

But, O’Leary would be concerned if the world’s largest cryptocurrency dropped below this level. Watch the video for all the price details.

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  1. We don't need no regulation
    We don't need no coin control
    No dark sarcasm in the exchange
    Hey! O'Leary!
    Leave those coins alone

    All in all, your'e just another shark in the wall

  2. He most have lost a lot of money right now with BTC below 20.000… its going below 5000

  3. Yeah, he is kind of shady.. not as shady as that pr?^k, Ray Dalio…but definitely shady!

  4. LOL. He has a bracelet that says "WHALE". that's pretty good and how about the insight on the focus on Stablecoins, how about that? Now stablecoin having some problems.

  5. How does ANYONE take the "ESG" rating seriously when they remove f'ing TESLA from the list? Anyone?
    Crypto has turned into a religion. If government can't "create" it, control it, or own it, they'll ban it, and turn you into a criminal for using it. He wants the regulation because it give crypto "legitimacy" in the market, but until the IRS accepts it as payment, it's just play money. Speculate all you want, crypto is nothing more than casino chips that other casino's are willing to cash in their cages.

  6. Kevin O'Leary is a smart man, but I just don't trust him, because he's a billionaire, and billionaires LOVE big government. Bitcoin is supposed to be about decentralization, and he wants to involve traditional, corrupt, and incompetent government financial regulation institutes because he believes it would make the industry bigger, and thus pump out more money. He basically wishes to sacrifice the philosophical principles of Bitcoin in exchange for making more money. Fuck him.

  7. 20:35 Finally start talking about BTC price
    22:38 Kevin gives a price of BTC required to make mining BTC a worthwhile investment based on energy and infrastructure cost
    23:23 Kevin is asked about the bearish scenario of BTC price dropping back to the 2021 summer low of 28k
    24:27 Kevin asked about existential threates to cryptocurrency
    26:30 Keving lists some of the cryptocurrencies he's bought
    28:10 Kevin recounts the time he got hacked and lost $52,000
    29:30 Kevin's one concern about BTC

  8. Kevin is smart, but I just can't trust that face. I disagree when he said "this is as far as we can take cryptocurrency without institutional investment." That is absolutely wrong with Bitcoin. Bitcoin will continue to grow without United States institutions as more unbanked people outside of the US participate and countries with weaker currencies adopt a Bitcoin standard.

  9. All bullshit, check the chart the market is breaking down. I'm sure he holds a large short position.

  10. Crypto Currency trading and investments have really helped a lot of people achieve their main aim and quest for FINANCIAL FREEDOM, but many have also lost due to SELF TRADING and also due to investing with the wrong people.

  11. I remember him saying bitcoin is shit. Seems he has accumulated himself enough that fits his needs and now he is promoting it. Rediculous how these rich guys are manipulating this market for their own goods.

  12. Those hunting and stacking gems during this period in the market are going to be millionaires later.

  13. <Retiring from public service made me realize that I had not attained financial independence, and in 25 years, I had only moved round in circles financially. I needed to make investments immediately despite retirement and that lead me to these looking for ways out. I feel very accomplished everytime I remember my journey and how I've been able to grow my portfolio to over $150k with the help of my investment source Martin Trade . Mind-blowing experience>

  14. C’mon, the BTC ESG narrative is so old and tired. This is a fabricated issue adopted by Kevin who just sees the $ signs and so perpetuates the myth to the detriment of the industry (but not his wallet).

  15. Oh gawd, this guy is a regular Barnum and Bailey talking up his book… ESG, blah blah “mine’s clean btw”

  16. .Everything <needed is found on the charts📈, plan your trades, figure out where to enter the markets, place your stop-loss, and take profit orders, with advanced and free technical analysis / signals also if possible. The charts📈 have been developed specifically for traders to study technical analysis and offer a large selection of free indicators, and price feeds. So it baffles me to see the majority of traders loose

  17. I’m not against anything Kevin is saying, but sometimes people get a little carried away. To say Bitcoin has gotten as far as it can go without institutional money is bogus. Literally 2% of the population of the world actually holds any Bitcoin right now. So saying that sound incredibly ridiculous. I do think of course in the long run institutional money will drive the price into highs unimaginable. So yeah I’m down😂

  18. This guy is a complete idiot. There is no difference at all between BTC mined with dirty power or clean power… it spends exactly the same way. and there are NO centralized data centers for bitcoin mining. The ledger is distributed across the entire planet.

  19. This guy's full of it.
    Him and his fatcat buddies want,want, want pffft.
    Regulations he says..
    First point of order is to centralize a stablecoin backed by the USD??
    A fiat currency that's lost 95% of its dollar value in less than a century.
    If you're trying to bankrupt the entire system, sure.

    Hydro powered mining factories.. Gtfoh.

    The comments here are pretty alarming, you Americans have no idea how much trouble your country's in.
    Tax regulations just like a stockmarket/investment portfolio.

    One word.

  20. The environment itself isn't carbon neutral. Without carbon nothing exists. THINK ABOUT THAT!

  21. The smaller the Government…the better. Now we also need to destroy Public Private Partnerships. America wasn't meant to be a fascist nation.

  22. It is not Miami Convention Center, it's Miami Beach Convention Center. Miami-Dade has 33 municipalities such as Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Doral etc, etc

  23. It is wrong to limit ownership of an asset for more than 12 months. Why does crypto need to be regulated at all? The majority of it can all be tracked, unlike fiat currencies that are printed like confetti. The only regulation needed is one to audit and end the FED, SEC, etc. Could it be that the Canadian markets are simply better than the US markets at the moment due to less regulation and red tape? Regulation is not a good thing it is always bad and creates monopolies, not innovation and competition.

  24. Two things.

    First: He said "we're in purgatory on stable coins." WRONG We are in purgatory on ALL assets except BTC and the free pass ETH got even with their ICO and videos showing Lubin and Buterin explaining to whales how to hide large purchases.

    Second: He said there's been so much input from the industry. WRONG. There's been the vast majority of input by the Ethereum Alliance and Concensus. Heavily one sided input.

    We know all about the behind the scenes influence in 2018 by the Ethereum Alliance with the SEC leading up to the Hindman speech. This is all fact and more fact is coming out regularly.

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