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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video is for informational and educational purposes only!

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  1. That's impressive. I must say, you predict quite well. I am still buying XEN at this dip. And I will hold them until the next bull run starts. I can also get a share of 10,000 MX by depositing XEN on MEXC.

  2. Dont invest in BTC, Dont invest in ETH, Dont invest in XRP, Dont invest in Doge, Dont invest in Shib lol listen cant listen to anyone do what you want to do you never know

  3. Your TA is technically correct but it’s way to early in this project to start reading trends, if we’re lucky it will be the next shiba inu😂

  4. xen is a long-term strategy crypto so it can't be helped

    Short-term strategy people are just happy to make pocket money

    don't worry

  5. <BTC as well as the rest of the market is surfing on the market waves. One day it is 5% up, but another day it is down… From this point it is hard to say if we are waiting for a final dump or a real pump. I had to learn how to trade, as I was able to raise 16 btc from day-trade with William T Rocks in few weeks.

  6. XEN is a derivative of BTC mining, minus the large overhead of asic miners, minus the environmental impact and the electrical costs. Some people will understand the potential like the early adopters of BTC and some people like this youtuber wont..

  7. It’s so obvious with the current price. The token is free to mint. And is currently game theory "utility”. But it’s designed to be scarce the more users mint it. Very soon the price will definitely reflect that. Better stock up open multiple wallets and mint.

  8. As of October 10, the circulation of XEN in the entire network exceeded 183 million, and more than 68 million were deposited on MEXC, accounting for 37.36% of the current total. This is the MEXC report on how XEN is crushing it on their platform so XEN is not a scam

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