Kadena amp Bitcoin Price Prediction

Kadena & Bitcoin Price Prediction!

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My kadena price predictions are that Kadena and Bitcoin will be #1 and #2 crypto assets by 2025. Just like Brother and Sister or Husband and Wife! They are both in an open relationship but always have each other backs. I think the Bitcoin Maxies need to take a step back and realize how much better Bitcoin could be with a teammate like Kadena!


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0:00 Kadena & Bitcoin 30 Day Inflation Hedge Recap.
0:42 What is The Best Altcoin to buy right now?
1:28 A word from Todays Sponsor Stoic!
2:44 Bitcoin News Today! A walk down Memory Lane!
3:22 Ethereum News Today! The Merge!
4:28 Why Ethereum is Doomed to Fail!
5:02 Solidity does not use Formal Verification!
5:51 Kadena Tokenomics Explained!
6:30 How high can the price of Kadena go?
7:01 Top Projects Building on Kadena!
7:28 Bitcoin Trade Analysis
8:10 Bitcoin Price Prediction1
8:35 Kadena Price Predictions
9:35 Kadena DCA Tragets! $1.50 $1.40 $1.25

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  2. Are Kadena paying you to promote?

  3. In love with your videos

  4. Liking it 👍

  5. I’m trying to buy Kadena and I can’t figure out how and where.

  6. Have you tried stoik yourself??

  7. Hey. What is your opinion on Iso 20022 and the blockchains they are going to use. XDC, algo, xlm, xrp, iota and probably quant and hbar ? A video about this would be interesting.

  8. Sounds like sponsored by kadena.

  9. Dillon Pereira

    Thank you Dr Crypto for the great video! Can’t wait for KDA to grow to $1000 and beyond! I too want to walk away from my job and spend it with my family! Being a stay home husband and dad is the dream!! Much love and support to you for all your hard work ok educating us about KDA and blockchains! 🤩🤩

  10. Your Crypto Captain

    Man, you definitely speak well but tbh I think you just hate eth and other alts. I feel sometimes you are obsessed about KDA and jus take offence if someone has a different opinion about KDA. See you could be right.. but sometimes it’s about adoption and not superior technology. Cheers. Like it or not, nothing is going to replace bitcoin or eth. I hope KDA does well tho because I like their technology.

  11. How kadena is better than Near Protocol?

  12. JP MORGAN, whould you trust them?

  13. I am not interested in those coins anymore, there are much better and safer altcoins like Web3 Spark SPARK3.

  14. jaspertjeblaat

    Thanks for doing "short" videos again Ryan, I can squeeze those in my schedule way better. Keep em coming

  15. Hey ryan, Do you think kaddex will launch in july or in june?

  16. To start thinking that KDA can be above $30 we need support by ledger, metamask, trust wallet, etc. Massive adoption. Awesome Dapps. Without that Kadena is just a golden enviroment but we need CONTENT

  17. I’m doing as much research as I can, I’m starting to truly understand Kadena. But let’s hope for KDA to drop under $1.

  18. Kadena holding its line!!!!

  19. Disappointed with your unrealistic $3000 KDA price prediction.. Don't be one of those moonboys please. More realistic $60 to $90.. If developers warm up to Pact!.. Look at the market cap Please!, Being too much of a maximalist you lose credibility!! Toxic for the overall crypto space!! .Don't be that person who drinks the Kool aid!! This coming from a big KDA fan and holder.. Good day to you sir …Just a side note if KDA does go to a $3000 price won't By 2025 only 2 1/2 years away LOL

  20. I think comparing the price action/performance of KDA to BTC at this moment in time is irrelevant. KDA is currently under a billion Mcap these are different leagues. In the next bear market following a bull run that brings KDA to billions in Mcap then we can compare and see. A 300m mcap on KDA can be moved drastically by 1 big bag holder but KDA hasn't had any marketing so there are no weak hands here that will dump. Everyone holding KDA knows KDA is the future. When KDA is a household name and all weak handed retail investors think its the next BTC and then a bear market hits and all the fud articles come out KDA will dump just like BTC because of uneducated retail.

  21. KDA just going strength to strength. Strap in and enjoy the ride up.

  22. jesus bastidas

    5 percent of initial balance now that is steep 😬

  23. Thank you Ryan for sharing your knowledge

  24. Mike Mining KDA

    Another great informative video, great work Ryan..
    Let's go KDA

  25. $3000 KDA? That’s a 500B MC evaluation 🥴

  26. Jeronim Jurakovic

    37-85usd for 1kda in 2025, every dolar more is a big plus.
    Hope to see 100+🙌

  27. Awesome content !

  28. Francisco Ordaz

    yoyoyo let's go. Great video Ryan 💪💪💪

  29. YEA! Keep em coming! Lets bring more people into KDA!!!

  30. Even Benjamin Cowen’s TA is never accurate.

  31. Hou op kak gorrel

  32. Is Ryan sponsored by KDA?

  33. Andre Thompson

    Assuming a circulating supply of 220m at $3000 a coin that would put market share at 660b.lol and you think in three years KDA will do what it took BTC 12 years to do, which is still at the end of the day the most trusted and known digital asset in the world.

    That would mean the majority of the crypto space would have to start adopting KDA over their current chains which won’t happen in three years. Especially with a project which hasn’t even built out its own systems yet.

  34. Only and only kadena

  35. More great information

  36. How can you make an anallisys for a one mounth and say Kadena perform better than Bitcoin.Do you think we are stupid?

  37. Incoming BOOST🫡

  38. عبدالله

    when kda official wallet appreciated

  39. Hello Ryan. I hope you feel better. Great video as always

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