Kadena Price Prediction 2022

Kadena Price Prediction 2022

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Kadena is on the decline this week which we expected given the current market conditions. The price of Kadena has fallen by 14.88% in the past 7 days. The price increased by 5.77% in the last 24 hours. In just the past hour, the price grew by 0.43%. The current price is CA$2.845704 per KDA. Kadena is 92.04% below the all time high of CA$35.744725.

The current circulating supply is 184,802,447.923 KDA.
Kadena on social media.

Kadena was mentioned in 1,227 out of 1,541,923 social media posts on Twitter and Reddit on May 29, 2022. 811 unique individuals are talking about Kadena and it is ranked #106 in most mentions and activity from collected posts. See Coinbase and Coin Marketcap for more details.

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0:00 Kadena Price Prediction.
0:15 Why should you learn how to code in Pact?
1:00 Kadena Ecosystem need Devs. Learn Pact is a Guaranteed Job
3:45 Kadena Tokenomics
4:35 Kadena Inflation Rate Explained.
5:50 Doug Beardsley Kadena Inflation Explained.
8:01 Crypto Whales KDA Limit Buy Orders
9:52 Kadena Bear Market DCA Targets
11:20 Kadena Eco vs Price Predictions
12:20 Crypto Gas Fees vs Kadena Gas Fees
13:30 Kadena Summer Catalyst
15:25 Kadena Trade Analysis.

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  1. Andrzej Zelazniewicz

    Coin Bureau actually has a short KDA video, Guy is in a car.

  2. Michael Tenney

    Great video Ryan.

  3. Still would love to have you do a comparison of this crypto and algorand

  4. Kieran Brownlee

    My roommate is working with the Kadena team, really interesting stuff.

  5. Gouri Shankar Singh

    I want to learn pact, how long it will take learn pact?

  6. Martin Valdes Olcese

    I'm from Argentina. Cheers and let's hope for the best!

  7. Bro Kadena is easily going to break below a buck. This limit orders will disappear if we hit a capitulation event. We know btc is going to drop allot more. The bear market just started right? Btc hit 26 and Kadena hit 1$ fast. Now imagine this recession is really bad. Who will be buying Kadena? Lots of people will but there will not be consistent buying pressure .

  8. Hell yah. Bro how is this not huge. Pow scalable and gasless by some bad ass block chain bad assess. With a bad ass language like pact… recipe for madnessp

  9. I wonder if the miners have gone down in price now. Will have to check em out.

  10. Ryan. When the price does actually hit .50 cents, you’ll definitely want to have some nets much lower, maybe in any of the support levels previous in the .20 range. I say this because trade volume will be so low then that you could have momentary dips, wicks and be able to snag some reeeaally cheap KDA.

  11. Thanks. You’re really inspiring me to code on KDA.

  12. Don't sleep on TLOS. I do believe in KDA and can see it getting up to 100$ by end of 23

  13. Grempels Gabriel

    What about qan platform? You cand code smart contract in any programming language

  14. Crypto elf of Rivendell

    $xmr $kda $btc

  15. I sold all of my KDA holdings and transferred proceeds to ETH and BTC, no longer willing to ride the price down.

  16. Kadena > Solana

  17. what's your opinion on ego's scalability? Theyre coming out with dapps like crazy right now. Really bullish on kda but wanting to diversify some

  18. Dillon Pereira

    Love Kadena and can’t wait for it to blow up!! $2k would be amazing!!!! 🤩🤩 thank you so much Dr. Crypto!!

  19. Can anyone explain what or who is enterprise clients?

  20. I only hold about 1k kda bought in at 8.XX/coin. I’m going to add about 3000 soon with some bonus money. I hope this project takes off by the end of 2023

  21. There will be huge adoption one day!

  22. Love your videos Ryan ❤

  23. StewieTheCrazy

    Ryan, this video is fire!!! Love the content!

  24. Nice

  25. JustAnotherCryptoMiner

    Do you have any resource recommendations?

  26. Jennifer Anistonn

    I know coding iphone and andorid plus sdk. Icro coding

  27. Good to see the Kadena followers grow on twitter!!!

  28. Nice breakdown 👍

  29. Good video Ryan

  30. What are some good and bad kadena projects? So I can study them.

  31. Yunus Bahadır

    Hey Bro, we want current interviews with Stuart Popejoy, Will Martino and actually if you can the most actually we want With Stuart Haber

  32. Kadena down to 1$ before it makes any movement into an uptrend

  33. Is pact a language or a frame work?

  34. You keep me bullish!

  35. Francisco Ordaz

    yoyoyo let's go. K120 club 💪💪

  36. Awesome content Ryan. $kda and $dag are going to kill it over the next 18 months

  37. KDA is partnered with luna is it not? Does that somehow hurt KDA and it’s price?

  38. This is gold bro

  39. olaniyi joseph

    Am also bullish on KDA, it keeps fit the lower mark.

  40. Kick ass video Ryan !!! Clear and concise…

  41. LFG Ryan 👊

  42. Yah Bro, Learn to Code!

  43. soundslikechannel2

    it has to be considered that there are so many bots in the orderbook…as we go down you will see most of the buy orders disappear or set lower…